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Angelbird AV Pro CF 1TB | AV Pro CFast Card 2.0 - 1TB



AV Pro CFast Card 2.0 - 1TB

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  • AV Pro CFast Card 2.0
  • CFast 2.0 Compatible
  • VPG 130 Compliant
  • X-Ray & Magnetic Proof
  • Stable Stream™
  • ESD & Overload Protection


  • Capacity: 1TB
  • Card Type: CFast 2.0
  • Dimensions: 42.8 × 36.4 × 3.3mm / 1.69 × 1.43 x 0.13 inch
  • Read Speed: up to 560 MB/s
  • Weight: ~ 10.0 g / ~ 0.35 oz
  • Write Speed: up to 498 MB/s

CFast 2.0 Cards Built for Continuous Shooting and Extensive RAW Video Recording

The ubiquity of cinema and DSLR digital cameras that now support extensive RAW recording have been an absolute game changer in the creative production world. Today’s advancements in post-production capabilities demands that you shoot in RAW to ensure that your creative work can see it’s full potential. As higher resolutions and even higher fps captures continue to break boundaries, CFast 2.0 has become the most widely compatible memory media, keeping pace with expanding professional digital camera technologies.


High speeds call out the rebel in all of us. Fast, Faster, Fastest!!! While we could build an even faster CFast 2.0 memory card, what’s the point if it puts your data at risk. The Angelbird AV PRO CF - CFast 2.0 card pushes the limit with sustained 550 Mb/s read and write speeds and maxes out at 560 Mb/s. Additionally, our card delivers consistent and safe performance, even under extreme temperatures and ‘unconventional circumstances.’


With so much to consider in the moment, from pulling focus to color composition, you need complete trust that the most important elements are captured in sync with your vision - without compromise. The Angelbird AV PRO CF - CFast 2.0 card optimizes mechanical handling, resulting in enhanced recording performance while reducing the potential for damage caused by excessive vibration or overheating. What you get is rock-solid onboard recording and memory media for your digital camera that let’s you do what you do best- create.

Angelbird AV Pro CF 512GB
AV Pro CF 512GB

AV Pro CFast Card 2.0 - 512GB

Rigging the Komodo

Komodo is Red’s first truly affordable camera system. It is likely to fulfil many roles - as a feature film B-camera or main camera for documentary production.  Fortunately, the Komodo’s cuboid-shape lends itself very well to being rigged, powered, adapted and mounted to suit virtually any shooting style. Compact and lightweight, it’s as likely to be airborne on a drone as it is attached to a gimbal. Power to Go As a go-anywhere camera, power is a key consideration. Natively supporting dual Canon BP-type batteries, the Komodo can be adapted to take professional V- or 3-stud batteries. Core SWX’s RED Komodo plate is RED-approved. As well as feeding power to the camera, the plate offers a 2-pin Lemo output and Powertap output, giving you the ability to run monitors, viewfinder, remote focus system and transmitters. Like the Core adapter for the Sony FX9, the Komodo plate is beautifully manufactured, built to last.

  • 1x AV Pro CFast Card 2.0 - 1TB
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