Why you need an AV get out of jail card

27 June 2018

Sound familiar?

  • Your presenter is taking to the stage in 5 minutes. You’re given a laptop with a VGA output that has to be connected to your UltraHD projector... NOW!
  • In an emergency you switch to your standby video mixer and somehow need to connect the SDI output to an HDMI large format display
  • You’re streaming a news story. The footage on your recorder is in 1080i, but your switcher can only manage 1080p

Yep, live AV and TV are unforgiving, complex, and time sensitive. You need to carry a get out of jail card…

Enter Datavideo’s Up Down Cross converter the DAC-45 to save the day.

With VGA, RCA, HDMI 2.0 and 3G-SDI inputs it can convert video from 480i all the way up to Ultra-HD 2160p. Available to buy now or book for a demo.

Datavideo DAC-45
Datavideo DAC-45

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Datavideo DAC-45
Datavideo DAC-45

4K Up / Down / Cross Converter

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