14 Apr 2014

Teradek adds new encoding devices to its growing portfolio

Teradek adds new encoding devices to its growing portfolio.

Teradek adds new encoding devices to its growing portfolio.


The Teradek Serv is a camera-back or table top wireless video transmitter that offers real-time monitoring on up-to 10 smartphones and tablets at very low latency. Serv operates over 2.4/5GHz WiFi and comes in both AB and V-mount varieties making it suitable for most professional camera rigs. The device offers an HD-SDI input and supports streaming in both 720p and 480p. For multi-camera setups, Serv is compatible with the free TeraView App monitoring application for iOS, allowing users to view up to 4 live Serv or Cube streams at one time.

Get the Look You Want

The latest TeraCentral and TeraView applications for iOS and Android devices now support color grading using industry standard or customer 3D Lookup Tables (LUT), allowing you to transform your flat live video feed from the camera into a lifelike or custom post-production look. Even better, you can synchronize any custom 3D LUT filetype from your DIT cart in real time simply by connecting your smartphone or tablet to the same IP network video village utilizes, and running our LUT sync utility. The new TeraView also support QuadView, allowing you to see as many  as four cameras simultaneously in real time on any current tablet computer like an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Pro.

T- Rax

T-Rax is an enterprise rack mount solution for IP based digital video work?ows. At just 2RU, T-Rax allows users to add or remove a variety of Teradek solutions on the fly, including H.264 encoders and decoders, bonded network transmission solutions, and software platforms such as Sputnik and Core. The system supports any combination of up to 8 hot-swappable cards that can be tailored to your unique requirements at any time. T-Rax will be compatible with next generation technology such as H.265 and offers a united control interface so users can quickly configure each card from a single location. T-Rax also includes a 2.8” graphical display so you can keep an eye on the status of your broadcast at all times and offers redundant power and Ethernet connections for added peace of mind.

Cube Pro with Timecode Buddy

The Cube Pro with Timecode Buddy was engineered to improve the wireless video work?ow of the most demanding camera operators in cinema live events and news gathering. As the latest H.264 encoder from the award-winning Cube family, Cube Pro + TCB offers higher bit rates over WiFi, support for up to 10 simultaneous iPad connections, and a super accurate standalone timecode transceiver with TC IN, TC OUT and Genlock Out runnin on a proprietary 900MHz long range signal. With such versatility in a single device the Cube Pro + TCB gives every cameraman the freedom to tailor their wireless video needs to any project.

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