Make a Wise CFexpress Choice

Make a Wise CFexpress Choice

With the coronavirus pandemic severely shutting down international athletic competitions for months, Swedish photographer Joel Marklund was pleased to get back to sports again. In July he was back photographing rock climbing, athletics and football. 

He brought the latest professional Nikon D series model and took advantage of the superb AF system to chase for the perfect moment, paired with ultra-fast Wise CFexpress cards. 

Joel recalled one of the football matches during the shutdown, he faced not only challenging weather conditions, but also finding a creative camera angles for his shot. 

I was able to use a unique vantage point for this particular match – at the roof of the stadium. I knew that the nice evening sun-light could create beautiful shadows when setting at the arena. Also, now with no spectators in the stands, the normal position at grass level is not as interesting. The weather wasn’t really on my side this day though. The west coast of Sweden is known for uneven weather and the clouds constantly blocked the sun. I only had a handful of chances of getting the shot I wanted, and when the situation appeared there was no room for error – I needed to nail the shot immediately. At the end of the match, I only had a few minutes of that particular light I had been looking for.

Wise Advanced - You Only Get One Chance

For this kind of photography, every second matters. As Joel puts it:

In the sports photography environment, speed is crucial. Every second we can save in the workflow is extremely important. During the match I normally send most pictures live for remote editing, but remotes are manually handled. For me to be able to rely on the memory cards is really helpful when there’s only a few minutes to select, edit and transmit the best pictures in half-time.
I did find the Wise Advanced CFexpress cards to be extremely fast to process pictures, and as a result more pictures will reach our clients. In my line of work I need to trust the equipment I use.

In additional to speed, robustness is essential for an unrepeatable moment. 

There is no room for errors or re-dos. As important as speed is, the same goes for reliability and endurance. The cards feel very robust and withstood all harsh conditions I tried them in.

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Wise Advanced CFX-B1024
Wise Advanced CFX-B1024

1TB CFexpress Memory Card

Wise Advanced CFX-B128
Wise Advanced CFX-B128

128GB CFexpress Memory Card

Wise Advanced CFX-B256
Wise Advanced CFX-B256

256GB CFexpress Memory Card

Wise Advanced CFX-B512
Wise Advanced CFX-B512

512GB CFexpress Memory Card

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