01 Nov 2021

Cokin NX-SERIES Filter System Arrives

Cokin have announced the long-awaited arrival of their new NX-SERIES 100mm filter system.

Cokin design and heritage

COKIN has been developing creative filter-holders and systems since their invention by founder, Jean Coquin back in 1978. Since then, millions of professional and amateur photographers and videographers have been able to explore the creative possibilities offered by these systems.

The 100mm-wide filter format has become Cokin’s most popular size since its launch in 2005 and the radical new NX-SERIES holder system allows 100mm filters to be used on ultra-wide-angle lenses of 14mm, or wider in some cases. The filter-holder is made from premium aluminium and is both compact and lightweight.

The NX-SERIES filter holder system is compatible with Cokin Nuances Extreme filters, Nuances Clearsky and Infrared IR720, as well as COKIN adapter rings in ‘L’ size (also known as Z-Pro). COKIN has also extended compatibility to 100mm filters made by other manufacturers, provided they have a common thickness of 2mm.

The NX-SERIES filter-holder uses metal frames which has enabled COKIN to increase the angle of view of the filter-holder and consequently reduce the risk of vignetting, even with ultra-wide lenses. These frames are available in 3 sizes:

  • 100x100mm (for square filters)
  • 100x143.5mm (for Nuances Extreme graduated filters)
  • 100x150mm (for graduated filters from other manufacturers)

The metallic frames offer additional protection to the filters and allow easy handling, even when wearing gloves. The NX-SERIES filter-holder uses ball-bearings which exert gentle pressure to guide the frames in their slots, for smooth and precise operation.

The NX-SERIES has a dedicated polarising filter which is placed closest to the lens and can be rotated precisely using the adjustment wheel integrated into the filter-holder, regardless of the orientation of the holder. Recessed areas in the filter-holder are provided for easy insertion and extraction of the polarising filter using gentle simple pressure. The NX-SERIES polarising filter is highly efficient and only absorbs 1 f-stop of light. It is provided with an individual protective pouch.

Key points of the NX-SERIES system

  • 100mm wide filter-holder system with protective frames, optimised for wide-angle lenses
  • Compatible with COKIN Nuances Extreme filters in L size and 100mm filters with 2mm thickness
  • The dedicated NX-SERIES polarising filter has a slim mount and only absorbs 1 f-stop
  • Premium design, manufactured in CNC precision-machined aluminium
  • Compatible with COKIN CREATIVE adapter rings in L size, available from ø49mm to ø95mm

NX-SERIES available now from leading photographic retailers

Items in the NX-SERIES filter-holder system are available individually, but the 5 different levels of kits offer fantastic savings. Each kit includes a carrying wallet, microfibre cloth, 3 adapter rings ø72mm, ø77mm and ø82mm as well as the new adapter ring cap, which protects the lens and allows the ring to remain attached.

  • Starter Kit: Includes filter-holder, polarising filter, one frame 100x100mm, one frame 100x143.5mm. This kit is ideal for users owning some NUANCES Extreme filters.
  • Long Exposure Kit: Includes filter-holder, polarising filter, one neutral density NUANCES Extreme ND1024 10-stop filter (mounted in its frame ready to use).
  • Landscape Kit: Includes filter-holder, polarising filter, one neutral density NUANCES Extreme ND1024 10-stop filter and one graduated neutral density filter S-GND8 soft, both mounted in their frames, ready to use.
  • Expert Kit: Take a Landscape Kit and add two additional NUANCES Extreme filters. One reverse-graduated filter R-GND8 (max 3-stops) and a brand new graduated neutral density filter with a “Hard” transition of 3-stops max. This filter is particularly efficient for short focal lengths which increase the length of filter transition into the picture (the “hard” graduation has a shorter transition area on the filter).
  • Professional Kit: Combines the Expert Kit plus two NUANCES Extreme full neutral density filters ND8 (3-stops) and ND64 (6-stops) mounted in frames. The Professional Kit has a total of 7 filters.

Examples of lenses tested for vignetting with NX-SERIES holder & filters:

  • CANON RF 15-35mm F2.8L: No problem at 16mm. Only slight vignetting at 15mm if the filter-holder is rotated by 45° (disappears when straight).
  • CANON EF 16-35mm F2.8L III USM: No vignetting, even at 16mm
  • NIKON Z 14-30mm F4: Slight vignetting only at 14mm, when the filter-holder is rotated by 45° (disappears when straight).
  • FUJIFILM XF 10-24mm F4R OIS: No vignetting, even at 10mm.
  • SONY FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM: No vignetting, even at 16mm.
For more information please contact our Sales Desk:
+44 (0)1457 851000 | sales@holdan.co.uk.

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Cokin NX Expert Kit
Cokin NX Expert Kit

NX-Series filter holder plus circular polariser, ND1024 and 3 x Grad ND8 filters

Cokin NX Landscape Kit
Cokin NX Landscape Kit

NX-Series filter holder plus circular polariser, ND1024 and Grad ND8 filters

Cokin NX Long Exposure Kit
Cokin NX Long Exposure Kit

NX-Series filter holder plus circular polariser and ND1024

Cokin NX Professional Kit
Cokin NX Professional Kit

NX-Series filter holder plus circular polariser, ND8, ND64, ND1024 and 3 x Grad ND8 filters

Cokin NX Starter Kit
Cokin NX Starter Kit

NX-Series filter holder plus circular polariser and frames for existing Cokin L Size (Z-Pro Series) glass filters

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