Testing, Testing

If there was a Which Guide to Professional LED Lights, the EBU would be the author. Their TLCI testing method, devised and perfected by the illustrious Alan Roberts, is globally acknowledged as the most accurate measure of light output from LED sources. Although customers still frequently request CRI scores, as a gauge of LED lights it is not a useful indicator of quality. Devised decades ago for traditional lighting sources, it was designed before the era of modern digital sensors and fails to assess the response of the camera.

TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) is accurate, precise and meaningful. It scores an LED light out of 100, at different colour temperature settings. The more expensive the light, the higher the TLCI score. Not.


Damningly, some exorbitantly priced ‘cinema’ lights have been shown to be average performers in independent analysis. On the other hand, in recent tests, LEDGO’s T1440MC soft panel light comfortably outperformed so-called film units, achieving exceptional scores from 93-95. The LG-900 goes even higher, hitting a near maximum 96!

What does this mean?

Firstly, it means that you can achieve huge cost savings by going with LEDGO lighting. Whether you are fitting out a web, TV or film studio, LEDGO lights have the build quality, control features and lighting quality to exceed your requirements.
Secondly, it means cost-savings further down the workflow, with editors and colourists being able to use footage without an additional grade in post.

Get Real

When broadcast camcorders and editing systems have fallen in price from £50,000 to £5,000 in a decade and 4K film cameras with massive dynamic range are on the market at under £4,000, shouldn’t professional lights also be coming down in cost? Clearly the answer is yes and with LEDGO lights, you can now get quality at the right price.

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