Bond II


Bond II

Integrated HDSDI Camera-Top H.264 Cellular Bonding Solution

Product Code: TER-BOND2SDI

Product Discontinued

After proving the concept in the original Bond, Teradek now combines the Cube encoder with 3G/4G mobile transmitter in the Bond II. It's a neat solution that reduces the wiring and simplifies the operation. It's an efficient, powerful and flexible solution for broadcasters, professional webstreaming and event producers.

  • Compact, light weight and low power consumption
  • HD-SDI input
  • 6 USB slots for 3G/4G/LTE modems
  • 2-pin power connector
  • For Teradek mounting, power and cabling accessories, click here

Bond II is an exciting addition to the award-winning Bond camera-top cellular mux family.

Bond II was designed to function as an efficient and portable bonding solution that excels in time sensitive situations and challenging environments with minimal manoeuverability.

Its compact, light weight and low power consumption combined with its cost-effective price make Bond II an unbeatable value for broadcasters.

The device comes with a built-in HD H.264 encoder, HD-SDI input, 6 USB slots for 3G/4G/LTE modems and requires fewer cables than the original Cube + Bond system. Additionally, Bond II offers a flexible new modem mounting option that ensures your cellular dongles are protected from aggressive handling.

As with all Teradek bonding solutions, Bond II is compatible with Sputnik 2.0, which offers IFB communication, remote monitoring, and broadcast redundancy.

Teradek BIT-010

Hotshoe Mounting Hardware for Cube and Bond

Teradek Firmware Version 7.3.16

New Features

  • Added Node modem support
  • Added option to require authentication to view video snapshots

Changes and Improvements

  • Improve Facebook API communication, remove unnecessary headers
  • Added Live:Air max clients API
  • IFB compatible with Cube 6xx encoders and decoders
  • Improved Core remote status and configuration stability
  • Devices will start cloud servers in standby mode when attempting to connect

Bug Fixes

  • Sputnik settings could not be changed from network configuration page
  • Key frame interval (GOP size) was calculated based on input, not encoder, framerate
  • Cube Pro web UI was not accessible via Wi-Fi
  • MPEG-TS settings were not applied until the codec was restarted
  • Service advertisements did not include supported stream types
  • RTMP videodatarate parameter was not updated after initial connection

Teradek Firmware Version 7.3.15

New Features

  • Added custom image overlay option

Changes and Improvements

  • Updated SSL, web server versions
  • Improved pop up messages when changing network configuration
  • Minor web UI improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Streaming to Livestream did not work due to outdated SSL version
  • Bond II/Pro did not have single interface connection option on cloud services page
  • Front panel display froze when Periscope was selected

Teradek Firmware Version 7.3.14

New Features

  • None

Changes and Improvements

  • Updated Twitch API - authentication change prevented devices from logging in
  • Special characters can now be used in Periscope post titles

Bug Fixes

  • Bond II front panel did not start correctly
  • Max bitrate was not set correctly when streaming to Core
  • Periscope API errors occurred after reboots of authenticated devices
  • Group, Event, and Video support were missing from Facebook settings
  • YouTube event caption settings were being set to disabled when captions were not present in stream
  • Decoder cloud settings page displayed encoder text

Teradek Firmware Version 7.3.13

New Features

  • Added Periscope support
  • Front Panel can be disabled by holding left on menu button

Changes and Improvements

  • Updated Twitch API
  • Selected company can be changed without logging out of Core account

Bug Fixes

  • Custom Wireless configuration for Bond did not take effect
  • Fixed support for some USB modems
  • T-RAX card configuration interface was not restarted after errors
  • Decoder's Sputnik address configuration failed to apply

Download the latest Firmware and Software

Streaming Media: Teradek Bond II - Hands-On Review by Dom Robinson

I can see these being affordable enough to be supplied as backup units to every electronic newsgathering camera operator.
See full article
  • Bond II
  • SDI - BNC to BNC
  • Hot Shoe Adapter with Thumbscrew
  • USB Stick
  • 2 x Wireless Antennas
  • Bond II Modem Plate
  • 6x Bond II Modem Clip
  • Hard Case
  • Power Supply 2pin Power 30W AC Adapter
  • Black Velcro
  • 6x USB Plugs

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