Fully featured HD viewfinder with a flip-out 1080p display

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A fantastic partner to the SmallHD 501/502 monitor, the Sidefinder turns the 5″ monitor into a high resolution viewfinder. Extremely well built, the detachable loupe attaches magnetically to the monitor - ingenious!

"My colleague Nino Leitner had a play with a pre production model recently and was impressed with the built quality of the hinge, which is always the weak point on comparable productWeThink – it seems to be laptop grade and made to take a beating, or in other words: frequent attachment or detachment of the loupe, which attaches magnetically to the frame around the monitor."


  • EVF True HD resolution LCD display with SDI/HDMI cross conversion
  • 720p EVF/1080p LCD
  • HDMI/SDI In and out + Cross Conversion
  • Adjustable Field-of-View, Adjustable Diopter
  • 3D LUTs, Scopes, Waveform, Image Capture, and more...
  • Integrated EVF Mounting Bracket (NATO Rail, ARRI Rosette, 15mm Rod, 1/4” 20)
  • Shock-Mounted Display + Circuit Board

* 501/502 monitor not included

The Sidefinder is a fully featured HD viewfinder with a flip-out 1080p display. It’s the brilliant, natural union between the SmallHD 500 Series Monitor and a cleverly designed, patent-pending, EVF loupe. The Sidefinder gives shooters all the benefits of using a field monitor AND an EVF, without compromising speed, agility, or quality of the image. The Sidefinder represents the highest resolution EVF and the highest resolution 5-inch on-camera monitor in one device.

Crisp, clear image
The foundation for precision.
At its core, the Sidefinder is a 1920x1080 resolution on-camera monitor. The EVF loupe uses a 1366x768 portion of that display to create a crisp, clear image in a truly immersive environment. The Sidefinder’s pixel density prevents pixelization (you can’t see individual pixels) when magnified by the optics. In addition, the Sidefinder is equipped with a wide range adjustable diopter (-2 to +4) for a customized focus.

Adjustable field of view
Create a personalized viewing experience by quickly adjusting the field-of-view on the Sidefinder EVF. Choose a wide field-of-view for greater immersion into your shot, or a narrow one to reduce eye strain. At the 40 degree default, the experience is like watching a 60-inch television from 6.8 feet away.

High resolution 3D LUTs
Apply a 3D LUT to your image and share it with others on set using the flip-out 1080p display. Loading 3D LUTs of any format and any size is made easy with the Sidefinder’s SD card slot and intuitive user interface. The Sidefinder’s implementation of 3D LUTs is best-in-class, capable of displaying high resolution, 17-point 3D LUTs.

Universal mounting
Affordable mounting solutions without sacrificing stability.
A universal viewfinder requires more than one acceptable mounting solution.
The Sidefinder has the most robust list of EVF mounting options currently available.
Using a carefully engineered, well-balanced bracket, the Sidefinder allows shooters to attach the viewfinder extremely close to the camera using all the popular mounting solutions (NATO rail, ARRI Rosette, 15mm Rod, and 1/4” 20 mounting holes).

Smarter design, effortless interaction
Simple solutions for U and I.
By incorporating a joystick + back button, the Sidefinder provides the flexibility of a touch-screen display. High resolution scopes, customizable guides, and 3D LUTs are accessed effortlessly, without having to touch the screen.

SmallHD 502

5-inch on-camera 1080p Full HD monitor

SmallHD Universal Mounting Kit for Sidefinder
Universal Mounting Kit for Sidefinder

Universal Mounting Kit for Sidefinder

SmallHD Medium Hard Case
Medium Hard Case

Maximum travel protection for your Sidefinder and accessories

SmallHD Cleaning Cloth
Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

SmallHD finishes IBC with a special monitor promotion

SmallHD finishes IBC with a special monitor promotion

SmallHD joins the Holdan line-up

We are pleased to welcome SmallHD to our product range.

SmallHD 502 - SideFinder User Review
SmallHD 502 - SideFinder User Review
Hands On SmallHD Sidefinder EVF
Hands On SmallHD Sidefinder EVF
SmallHD SideFinder
SmallHD SideFinder
SmallHD SideFinder @ NAB
SmallHD SideFinder @ NAB

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