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7-inch Full HD Touchscreen with 1000 nits of Brightness

Product Code: SHD-MON-FOCUS7

Suggested Retail Price £615+VAT

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The FOCUS 7 creates big-time production value for indie filmmakers growing their business. The 7-inch touchscreen monitor features professional software tools and a premium display at a competitive price. With a highly visibly screen and simple user controls, the FOCUS 7 creates confidence at the camera without adding bulk.

  • 7-inch on-camera monitor
  • Touchscreen monitor
  • 1000 nits brightness
  • OS3 Software Suite (Waveform, Scopes, Focus Peaking, 3D LUTs, and more)


  • 7-inch 1920xl080p IPS LCD
  • 1000 nits bright
  • Dimensions: 6.9in x 4.7in x lin (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 320g (11.28 oz.)
  • Input: Full Size HDMI
  • Output: 3.5mm Headphone Jack, 7.2v Power
  • Power: 2x Integrated Sony L Battery Slots
  • Mounting: 4x ¼-20 thread points

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The FOCUS 7 touchscreen monitor represents tremendous value for independent filmmakers and small production teams growing their business. As an expansion to the SmallHD FOCUS monitor lineup, the FOCUS 7 is highly visible and extremely versatile.


  • 7-inch screen diagonal
  • 1920x1200 screen resolution
  • 323 pixels per inch
  • 1000 nits bright

The FOCUS 7 equips filmmakers with all the benefits of a large on-camera display without making the camera set up feel cumbersome. With a high resolution, daylight viewable LCD, the 7-inch FOCUS monitor is ruggedly built and unexpectedly light. This design detail makes the FOCUS 7 easy to attach to a camera and easy to share with a team member or client on set.


The FOCUS 7 is a multipurpose, single input on-camera monitor. It has a full-size HDMI input, slightly recessed to keep the connection secure. The FOCUS 7 can support signals up to 4K30 (2160p30/29.97). Real-time 3D LUTs, monitor profiles, and screen overlays can be loaded via a full-size SD card slot. Audio output is also available using the monitor’s stereo headphone jack.

FULL-SIZE HDMI SUPPORTS UP TO 4K 30 (2160p30/29.97)


via stereo headphone jack


via a full-size SD card slot


Rigging a 7-inch external monitor can be difficult while trying to maintain a low-profile, easy-to-use camera setup. That’s why we’ve made a more robust, 7-inch SmallHD Tilt Arm. Available in our FOCUS 7 Gimbal Accessory Pack, the 7-inch Tilt Arm provides a simple and convenient way to mount the FOCUS 7 on-camera or on-gimbal.


No matter what size SmallHD monitor you’re using, software tools are organized and accessed through Pages thanks to OS3. With the latest version of OS3, users can rename, move, or delete Pages in a flash.

SmallHD FOCUS 7 BMPCC 4K Utility Pack
FOCUS 7 BMPCC 4K Utility Pack

Accessories designed to use the FOCUS 7 with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinemea Camera 4K

SmallHD FOCUS 7 Gimbal Accessory Pack
FOCUS 7 Gimbal Accessory Pack

Gimbal Accessories for the FOCUS 7 monitor

SmallHD FOCUS 7 CINE Accessory Pack
FOCUS 7 CINE Accessory Pack

FOCUS 7 accessory set for mid-large size cinema cameras

SmallHD Monitor Handles + Neck Strap
Monitor Handles + Neck Strap

Lightweight black rubber handles with an anti-spin connection and neoprene neck strap

SmallHD FOCUS 7 Accessory Pack
FOCUS 7 Accessory Pack

Accessory Pack for the FOCUS 7

SmallHD L-Series Battery Kit
L-Series Battery Kit

NPF (L Series) Battery and Charger Kit

SmallHD 7" Tilt Arm
7" Tilt Arm

Convenient on-camera or on-gimbal mounting solution for 7-inch SmallHD monitors

SmallHD FOCUS to Panasonic Adapter
FOCUS to Panasonic Adapter

Barrel to DMWBLF19 Faux Battery Adapter

SmallHD FOCUS to Nikon Adapter
FOCUS to Nikon Adapter

Barrel to EN-EL14 Faux Battery Adapter Cable

SmallHD FOCUS to Canon LP-E6 Adapter
FOCUS to Canon LP-E6 Adapter

Barrel To LP-E6 Faux Battery Adapter

SmallHD FOCUS to Canon LP-E8 Adapter
FOCUS to Canon LP-E8 Adapter

Barrel To LP-E8 Faux Battery Adapter

SmallHD FOCUS to Sony Adapter
FOCUS to Sony Adapter

Barrel to NP-FW50 faux battery adapter cable

SmallHD FOCUS to Sony NPFZ100 Adapter
FOCUS to Sony NPFZ100 Adapter

Barrel to Sony NPFZ100 Faux Battery Adapter

SmallHD 6 -7 inch Neoprene Sleeve
6 -7 inch Neoprene Sleeve

Neoprene Sleeve for 6" - 7" Monitors

SmallHD 7 - 9 inch Neoprene Sleeve
7 - 9 inch Neoprene Sleeve

Protect your 700 Series, AC7-OLED, AC7-OLED-SDI, all DP7 Pro monitors and the DP1x from scratches during travel with this neoprene sleeve.

SmallHD FOCUS 7 Matte Screen Protector
FOCUS 7 Matte Screen Protector

FOCUS 7 Flexible Anti-Glare Screen Protector

SmallHD FOCUS 7 Ultra Clear Screen Protector
FOCUS 7 Ultra Clear Screen Protector

Flexible Clear Screen Protector for FOCUS 7

SmallHD 24-inch Thin Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI Cable
24-inch Thin Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI Cable

Thin Micro HDMI Type D to Standard HDMI Type A Cable - 24 inch

SmallHD Cleaning Cloth
Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

SmallHD Cable Clips for Focus Monitor
Cable Clips for Focus Monitor

Focus Monitor Cable Management Clips

Every Inch Counts…

SmallHD have gone and done it again! Fresh for 2019, SmallHD are releasing the Focus 7. Using the same OS3 software that SmallHD implement into all of their monitors, it holds all of the features you’re used to. But… the Focus 7 boasts a 7”, full HD (able to downscale from 4K), touchscreen LCD display and weighing in at just 320g, this monitor gives you a larger screen for easier viewing and (most importantly) more accurate focussing, without adding a crazy amount of extra weight to your rig.

  • Focus 7 On-Camera Monitor
  • Focus 7 UltraClear Screen Protector


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