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Canon 5D MKIII Port Protector


Canon 5D MKIII Port Protector

Canon 5D MKIII HDMI port lock / protector provides both signal integrity and protection for the Mini HDMI port and USB port

Product Code: SHD-ACCCAMPP-5DMK3

Suggested Retail Price £46+VAT

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  • Specifically designed for Canon 5D MKIII
  • Fast Installation
  • Does not require use of 5D's 1/4-20 mounting point
  • Does not block other ports on 5D
  • Incredibly light weight < 1oz
  • Protects HDMI port from every angle (left, right, up, down, in & out)
  • Protects from bumps/knocks on the connector
  • Protects from harsh cable tugs
  • Locks HDMI cable in place (Keeps monitor from losing signal)
  • Locks USB cable in place
  • Designed specifically for use with SmallHD mini-HDMI cable
  • This product can not be used while using the Canon battery grip.
  • Weight: 0.9oz / 25.51g


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