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SLIK PRO CF-834BH6 | Carbon fibre tripod with ball head



Carbon fibre tripod with ball head

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  • Carbon fibre tripod with ball head
  • New Ball Head with Arca-Type QR Plate
    The tripod package comes with new ball head; PBH-635AS which introduced newly designed "Cam Lock" style Arca-Swiss type camera platform
  • Head mounting screw
    Corresponding to both U1/4 and U3/8 head mounting screws
  • 3-steps leg angle adjustment
    Leg angle adjustable from a high position to a low position
  • Leg lock system (crown-type) (PAT.)
    Twist lock system with double nut ring crown type (PAT.)
  • The hook at the bottom of the center column
    Accessory hook capable of suspending a weight
  • Exchangeable leg tips
    Leg tips can be exchanged to spike leg tips from rubber leg tips.
    "SPIKE SET U3/8" is sold separately as an optional


  • Closed Length: 480mm
  • Head Type: Ball head PBH-635AS
  • Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock
  • Leg Sections: 4
  • Maximum Height: 1,650mm
  • Minimum Height: 292mm
  • Weight: 1,560g

The SLIK PRO CF-834BH6 carbon fibre tripod is best of both worlds for photographers that want to travel light but still need a sturdy tripod when they get there. This combination features SLIK’s most popular carbon fibre tripod and their most popular professional ball head for excellent portability, and utility.

The PRO CF-834BH6 carbon fibre material yields greater weight reduction while maintaining excellent rigidity and strength. The SLIK PRO CF-834BH6 weighs just over 2.0kg but can reach over 1.7m when fully extended or get as a low as just 190mm of the ground.  The four leg sections mean the tripod retracts to a very small 566mm when closed. The tripod is equipped with proprietary speed release locks for fast easy set-up and pack-up.

The compact professional ball head PBH-635AS has a load capacity 6kg. It features newly designed “Cam Lock” Arca-Swiss type quick release system.  It also have separate pan lock that locks the ball into place while allowing the head to rotate 360 degrees. Its tension knob controls the rate of the ball’s movement.

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