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  • Video Lighting Converter
  • Automatically generates dynamic lighting effects to enhance any event
  • Outputs a DMX signal synchronized with incoming video and audio signals
  • Real-time analysis and lightning-fast processing with advanced Roland technology
  • Connect your A/V source to the HDMI input for analysis and distribute the unprocessed signal to a monitor or switcher via HDMI thru
  • Analogue audio also supported with stereo I/O
  • Supports external MIDI control via dedicated MIDI input and USB MIDI
  • Customize DMX settings with dedicated software for macOS and Windows
  • Select preset maps for various DMX lighting fixtures with dip switches on the side panel


Dynamic lighting elevates the energy and excitement of any interactive event, from music concerts and dance clubs to house parties and the local karaoke bar. With the VC-1-DMX Video Lighting Converter, it’s never been easier to bring the impact of a pro light show to any event you put on.

The VC-1-DMX automatically generates control commands for your DMX lighting setup based on input from video and audio sources, eliminating the need for a dedicated lighting operator. Colour and brightness change based on the current video image, and lights and mirror balls operate in sync with the music tempo. And if you want to dive deeper, the VC-1-DMX supports external MIDI operation from hardware control surfaces, electronic musical instruments, and computer-based production software.

True Synchronized Lighting Made Easy

The VC-1-DMX makes it simple to synchronize video, sound, and lighting and create the unified presentations you see at big events with dedicated lighting operators. Simply connect your sources to the A/V inputs on the VC-1-DMX and let Roland’s advanced technology do all the work. Signals are analyzed at lightning speed and sent to the 3-pin and 5-pin DMX outputs, ready for distribution to all your DMX gear.

Follows Incoming Signals via HDMI and Analogue Audio Inputs

The VC-1-DMX can receive digital video and sound via HDMI and analogue sound through its stereo RCA audio inputs. The powerful processing engine analyzes the content to extract color, brightness, and other information from the video, along with the beat, tempo, volume, and more from the sound.

Go Further with MIDI Control

If you want extended control over your system, the VC-1-DMX has you covered with integrated MIDI-to-DMX conversion. Connect a hardware MIDI controller and use MIDI control change messages to adjust a variety DMX parameters such as global dimming, tilt, pan, and more. USB MIDI is also supported, allowing you to control your DMX setup from lighting or music production software on your computer.

Customize Your Rig

Using dedicated editor software on your Mac or Windows computer, you can quickly configure the VC-1-DMX for all your DMX lighting hardware. Freely change assignments across 512 DMX channels to match the control needs of your specific gear.

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