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Remote Camera Controller

Product Code: PAN-AWRP50E

Product Discontinued

Replaced by

Panasonic AW-RP60

Compact Remote Camera Controller

The perfect companion for PTZ cameras: quick, small, precise and affordable. 

This is a compact unit with buttons and knobs for easy control of focus, iris, zoom, pan and tilt. It has user menus for storing presets and quick setups. The unit has a joystick for fast and intuitive control of the camera.

  • Controls up to 100 PTZ cameras via IP control (using network hub)
  • Controls up to 5 camera/PTZ via RS422 serial control
  • Compact, portable half-rack width design
  • Built-in camera control for gain, pedestal, details and etc.
  • Connects via IP to AW-HS50 switcher for link control and single user control
  • Up to 100 AW-HE40S/H units may be controlled via IP and Ethernet hubs


Warranty information available here

The AW-RP50 remote unit can control up to 100 AW-HE40, HE60 and HE120 series cameras via IP control, and up to five box cameras*, integrated camera and pan-tilt heads** using RS-422 serial control. The AW-RP50 is capable of accessing up to 100 presets for each Panasonic Integrated PTZ camera (the AW-HE40/AW-HE50 and AW-HE100), and other pan-tilt heads.**

*Compatible models include AK-HC1800/AK-HC1500/AW-HE870/AW-HE100/AW-HE40/AW-HE50/AW-E860/AW-E750/AW-E650/AW-E350
**Compatible models include AW-PH405/AW-PH400/AW-PH360/AW-PH650

How do I set up multiple cameras at the same time?

Step 1. MENU > 10 SYSTEM > CAMERA CTL; Set each CAM to NoAssign.
Step 2. MENU > 10 SYSTEM > AUTO SET IP > RENEW IP ADR. > YES; Setting up is executed.
Check the number of detected cameras on LCD. C (camera): New units / Total units

How do I replace the IP address set for each camera?

MENU > 10 SYSTEM > CAMERA ASSIGN; Select any CAM* and specify an address using F2 dial button.
Camera’s current IP address will be replaced with the one specified.

How do I change a camera’s home position?

Camera’s home position is fixed in its front direction and cannot be changed.

To save the Pan/Tilt position for next Power-On, use Power On Preset function.

Before turning off, set the Pan/Tilt to your desired position.
Then turn off the camera using RP50 MENU. (Standby mode)
One by one: Hold down any Camera Selection button (CAMERA STATUS/SELECTION) and select POWER OFF.
All at once: MENU > 8 CAMERA > POWER > Select ALL OFF or GROUP OFF.

So, if you always turn off the camera using a remote controller or control panel, set it to the desired position every time before turning off.
If you turn it off from an external power supply etc., turn it off once in the above Standby mode.
You will be able to get it moved to the saved position at the next Power-On.

How do I preset a camera’s focus?

To preset not only the Pan/Tilt/Zoom but also Focus position of a camera, use AW-HE60/HE50 MENU to set Focus ADJ With PTZ. to OFF.
If you only set Focus Mode in Menu to Manual, right after reaching the preset Pan/Tilt position, AUTO Focus will preferentially start working.
So the Focus will not be fixed.

AW-HE60 CAMERA MENU (AW-RP50: Hold down CAMERA OSD button.)
> System > Other > Focus Mode > Manual >> Sub-Menu > Focus ADJ With PTZ. > OFF

AW-RP50 : Front Panel FOCUS AUTO button > OFF

How do I operate a camera’s iris manually?

Use AW-HE60 /HE50 MENU to set Camera Scene to Manual.

AW-HE60 CAMERA MENU (AW-RP50: Hold down CAMERA OSD button.)
> Camera Scene > Manual (Selectable from Manual1 – 3)

AW-RP50 : Front Panel IRIS AUTO button > OFF

Why can't I bring a camera into focus?

Try changing the AUTO Focus setting to Manual.
At the same time, if you also set Focus ADJ With PTZ. to OFF, the Focus will be fixed and stable even right after reaching the preset position.

Some weak points in AUTO Focus

  • Shooting through the dirty glass
  • Shooting an object surrounded by glittering things
  • Shooting a fast-moving object
  • Shooting a low-contrast subject
  • Shooting far and close things at the same time

AW-HE60 CAMERA MENU (AW-RP50: Hold down CAMERA OSD button.)
> System > Other > Focus Mode > Manual >> Sub-Menu > Focus ADJ With PTZ. > OFF

AW-RP50 : Front Panel FOCUS AUTO button > OFF

How do I preset Pan/Tilt/Zoom positions?

To preset Pan/Tilt/Zoom, select any camera, press the Store button and hold down the button of the preset entry number until Complete is shown.
To delete it, press the Delete button and hold down the button of the entry number to be cancelled.

How to prevent the flicker or wave-like phenomenon on the screen in panning or tilting?

Depending on the subject, turning off the Detail can prevent the flicker or wave-like screen caused by Pan/Tilt motions.

AW-HE60 CAMERA MENU (AW-RP50: Hold down CAMERA OSD button.)
> Camera Scene > Manual1 – 3 Select any one of them. Sub-Menu: Picture > Detail > Off

New launches at ISE 2020

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Version 5.00.01

New Features

  • AW-UE150 / UE155 series can be operated.

Version 4.02.00

New Features

  1. REC control function over POVCAM (AG-UMR20/MDR25) is added.
  2. “REC” is added to CAMERA menu. The operation is controlled by selecting START/STOP.
  3. REC-START/STOP is added to the USER button.

For details, please refer to the latest Operating Instructions.

Version 4.01.00

  1. AK-UB300 camera’s additional formats are supported.
    • PsF output in UHD mode (2160 /29.97PsF, /23.98PsF, /25PsF)
    • 60P (2160/60p, 1080/60p, 720/60p)
    • 1080i output in UHD_CROP mode (1080/59.94i, 1080/50i)
  2. Another AK-UB300 feature assignable to the USER buttons is added.
    Sensitivity (SHOOTING MD) /DRS/CROP OUT
  3. Another controllable AK-UB300 feature is added.
    Haze elimination (D.HAZE CLR)
  4. It is made possible to set the setting for whether to enable or disable PAN/TILT, ZOOM and FOCUS operations during the execution of AWB or ABB.

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • 1 x AW-RP50
  • 1 x CD-ROM (Operating Instructions, Setup Software)
  • 1 x AC Adapter
  • 1 x Power Cable

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