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Touchscreen Remote Camera Controller

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  • Touchscreen Remote Camera Controller
  • Large 7-inch touchscreen for easy usability
  • New joystick for one-handed operation
  • Simplified PTZ camera presets and tracing memory
  • 3G-SDI input for camera monitoring, with active loop-through output
  • Control of up to 200 cameras via LAN
  • PoE+ support
  • 2x GPIO interfaces

Please Note: power supply (AW-PS51E) is sold sperately.


  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 13-19/32 inches x 7-3/32 inches x 10-1/16 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 Kg (7.05 lb)

The AW-RP150 will be the newest remote camera controller to compliment Panasonic's comprehensive professional PTZ camera lineup. It keeps the same great functionality of the AW-RP120 and AW-RP50, but with improvements that include a new one-hand operation joystick (controlling Pan, Tilt and Zoom or Focus) and a large 7-inch touch-panel LCD screen for monitoring, menu setting, user buttons and status information. An additional 3G-SDI input allows external monitoring simultaneously and frees up the touch
panel to be used solely as a GUI during a live event for example.

The AW-RP150 is the perfect companion for the UE150 and is actually necessary to get access to all the cutting-edge new features of this camera, such as the HD Crop function.
This can be used via the monitor-out from the AW-UE150 into the AW-RP150, in order to provide a constant wide-angle feed for the operator through the AW-RP150 panel. The
operator can then utilise the cropping feature and set up to three cropping points from within the 4K sensor, all of which deliver a HD image.

One major improvement in terms of ergonomics and usability is the capability of the RP150 to send data directly to the connected AW-UE150 cameras. This includes system settings, but most importantly Scene Files, allowing to match cameras very quickly and safely.

The new controller can control up to 200 remote cameras via IP, organised in 20 groups. Likewise, the panel includes 5 serial ports for RS422 connection. As of December 2018,
the AW-RP150 will be able to control AW-UE150 cameras only. In future upgrades, scheduled for early 2019, the panel will be compatible with legacy PTZ cameras from Panasonic, such as AW-HE130, AW-HR140, AW-UE70 and AW-HE40.

A seesaw lever mounted on the joystick provides zoom or focus control in addition to traditional zoom and focus controls on the left hand side. Furthermore, there is a dedicated speed adjustment knob for each control.
The unit can be powered with PoE+, eliminating the need for additional power supply cabling. In addition, a XLR 4pin connector is available.

New launches at ISE 2020

Here's an overview of our vendors exhibiting at ISE 2020. Please call us on +44 (0)1457 851000 if you would like to book a stand tour with one of our manufacturers. BLACKMAGIC DESIGN HALL 3, STAND C140 The Video Assist 12G 5” and 7” monitor recorders are now shipping. The original HD versions were incredibly popular with AV technicians who wanted to verify SDI and HDMI feeds and check waveform levels. For production teams, their 4K HDR capture makes them a superb on-camera SD card recorder. The ATEM Mini is a very small, cost-effective 4 channel HDMI video switcher with streaming output. Great as a portable mixer or a signal switcher, it’s being adopted by everyone from conference producers to AV technicians looking for simple HDMI switching.

Panasonic announces its first 4K 50p integrated PTZ camera

Panasonic has showcased its industry first 4K 50p, HDR integrated PTZ camera for the first time in Europe, at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam. The AW-UE150 provides images with a smooth and natural look thanks to its 50p sensor, making it well suited to scenes featuring fast movements and high-end applications in broadcast, corporate, education, rental and staging. Integration is provided across a variety of 4K interfaces, including 12G-SDI, HDMI, Optical Fibre and IP which supports HDR mode. In addition, the camera can simultaneously output both 4K and Full HD.

AW-RP150 SYSTEM VERSION Ver 2.11-00-0.02

We’ve added/improved the following.

  1. Some menus have been added due to the additional functions of AW-UE150 (Ver.2.62).
    1. P/T Speed Mode selection has been added. [Related Menu]
      "FAST2" has been added in addition to the conventional "NORMAL" and "FAST".
    2. Acceleration setting menu has been added. [Related Menu]
    3. GAIN adjustment range has been expanded so that a negative value (minus) can be set.
      [Related Menu]
      PAINT > GAIN > GAIN: -3 to 42dB (conventional setting range is 0 to 42dB)
  2. The specification of "INIT ALL" has been changed so that the "USER AUTH" setting value set in PC_TOOL is also initialized.
    [Related Menu]

AW-RP150 Ver 1.10-00-0.01

New Features

  1. AW-HR140, AW-HE130, AW-HN130, AW-UE70, AW-UN70, AW-HE40/65/48/58/35/38 and AW-HN40/65/38 series can be operated.
  2. The x2.0 magnifications digital extender (D-EXT x 2.0) of AW-UE150 can be operated.
    *The extender of the former version AW-UE150 has x1.4 magnifications only. AW-UE150 needs to be updated (Ver.2.02 or higher).
  3. The Image stabilizer function (I.S) can be allocated to the USER buttons.
  4. A function to delete any preset memory (PMEM) from the PMEM LIST display screen is added.
  5. You can select whether the ZOOM/FOCUS/IRIS ENABLE button is effective for all ZOOM/FOCUS/IRIS operations or only for the IRIS dial operation.
         [Z/F/I LOCK menu]
         ALL : Enable/disable FOCUS dial, ZOOM button, and IRIS dial operation
         IRIS ONLY: Enable/disable only IRIS dial operation (FOCUS dial and ZOOM button will remain enabled)
  6. You can set the way operating the auto focus button.
         [AF BUTTON menu]
         SHORT:Pressing the button switches AUTO FOCUS ON/OFF.
         LONG :Holding down the button switches AUTO FOCUS ON/OFF.

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Panasonic Update
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