Panasonic LUMIX DMW-XLR2E | XLR Microphone Adaptor

Panasonic LUMIX


XLR Microphone Adaptor

Product Code: PANDMWXLR2E

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  • XLR Microphone Adaptor
  • 32-bit float recording with the LUMIX GH7
  • 4ch audio and High-Res audio recording
  • Microphone holder
  • Φ3.5 stereo mini jack
  • Physical switches and dials for easy control
32-bit Float Recording*

The camera delivers 32-bit float recording, improving the quality and efficiency of the entire workflow. With its wide dynamic range, the 32-bit float format records more information, from quiet to loud sounds. As a result, there is no need for tedious sound level adjustments during audio recording. Video and music can be managed in a single file, making post-production much more efficient.
*Compatible model as of June 2024: LUMIX GH7 (DC-GH7) .

  • Cable Holder
  • Microphone Holder
  • Pouch
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