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OpTech Lens Support Adaptor | Supports and stabilises long lenses


Lens Support Adaptor

Supports and stabilises long lenses

Product Code: 8456

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  • Supports and stabilizes longer lenses when used with a strap
  • Can also be used with OP/TECH USA's Hood Hat™
  • Adjustable from 11" to 16.5" in length and up to a 6" lens diameter
  • Made in the USA

The Lens Support Adaptor™ offers a quick and easy way to provide additional support for a long heavy lens. The support straps of the Lens Support Adaptor™ incorporate rugged clamps which attach to any 1" wide webbing or seamed area commonly found on a camera strap, backpack or photo vest. The adjustable straps are joined together and attached to a self-securing hook-and-loop wrap system which fastens around the lens. Its versatile attachment system makes it adaptable to most lenses and camera straps. It can also be combined with the Hood Hat™ (not included).

  • Lens Support Adaptor
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