Camera Support and Grip

FS700 Universal Kit


FS700 Universal Kit

FS700 Kit Universal for Sony NEX-FS700

Product Code: MOV-303-1720

Product Discontinued

The FS700 Kit allows you to attach your FS700, providing optimal balance on your shoulder.

  • FS700 Kit (Universal) for Sony NEX-FS700
  • Providies optimal balance
  • Plenty of accessories mounting points
  • Features a quick release base-plate
  • Solid construction
  • Kit includes
    Top handle
    Top plate
    side bracket
    camera riser plate
    universal LWS baseplate
    rosette bracket adapter
    shoulder pad
    9" mini dovetail plate
    IFR5 recorder mount
    Four 8" long 15mm rods


  • NEX-FS700E
  • 1 x Top Handle (MOV-303-1306)
  • 1 x Top Plate (MOV-303-1721)
  • 1 x Side Bracket (MOV-303-1705)
  • 1 x IFR5 Mount (MOV-303-1719)
  • 1 x Riser Plate for FS700 (MOV-303-1718)
  • 1 x Shoulder Pad (MOV-303-1725)
  • 1 x Universal Quick Release BP (MOV-303-1125)
  • 1 x Rossette Bracket (MOV-303-1126)
  • 4 x 8" 15mm Rod (MOV-206-0003-5)
  • 1 x Universal LWS Dovetail Plate (MOV-303-1129)


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