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Kondor Blue 501 Adjustable Baseplate | Adjustable Baseplate - 501 QR - Space Grey

Kondor Blue

501 Adjustable Baseplate

Adjustable Baseplate - 501 QR - Space Grey

Product Code: KON501ABP

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  • Adjustable Baseplate
  • Removable 501 Drop-in Plate
  • Locking height adjustable plate with 17mm of adjustment range
  • Built-in 4mm hex tool in 501 plate
  • ARRI style dovetail clamp
  • ⅜” and ¼” helicoil mounting holes on base
  • 493g/17.4 oz
  • 96.5mm W x 74mm L x 49mm T
  • Height range from rail center: 29mm - 46mm

Kondor Blue took their 501 Baseplate back to the drawing board to give it a complete overhaul to add in some much-needed functionality. At the top of the list was to get as many of our camera cages to 85mm sensor to rail center offset for matte box compatibility. There are many height-adjustable baseplate options, but most start off too tall, mitigating the need for vertical height adjustment. It’s also easy for them to become loose and wobble or slip during a shoot. We addressed this by machining precise 1mm adjustments with corresponding laser engravings to make dialing in the baseplate height easy and accurate. We even have a guide for each cage we offer to let you know the exact position your baseplate should be set to.

They’ve also improved the 15mm rail clamps to have over double the clamping force without marring your rails. The M4 ratchet knobs are also captive and you won’t need to worry about losing them. Whether you’re using the 501 Drop-in Plate or mounting directly to the Baseplate Riser Block, you’ll be able to mount multiple bolts to any camera cage to prevent twisting. Swapping out mounting options is a breeze with slotted access from the underside of the baseplate.

You have options for tripod mounting solutions as well. Mount tripod plates directly to the base with ⅜” and ¼” helicoil mounting holes or use the built-in dovetail clamp which pairs perfectly with our Lightweight Dovetail Plates.

As with all Kondor Blue products, long-term usability and functionality were meticulously considered with each cut, curve, and function. We know you’ll enjoy the added flexibility of the all-new Kondor Blue Adjustable 501 Baseplate.

Kondor Blue 501 Adjustable Baseplate
501 Adjustable Baseplate

Adjustable Baseplate - 501 QR - Raven Black

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