Datavideo TLM-170L

Desktop 17.3" 3G-SDI Full HD LCD Monitor

Suggested List Price: £815+VAT

Product Code: DATA-TLM170L

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Datavideo TLM-170LM

Foldable 1U Rackmount 17.3" 3G-SDI Full HD LCD Monitor

Product Code: DATA-TLM170LM

Suggested List price: £1,145+VAT

Datavideo TLM-170LR

7U Rackmount 17.3" 3G-SDI Full HD LCD Monitor

Product Code: DATA-TLM170LR

Suggested List price: £905+VAT

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  • 17.3" Full HD 1920 x 1080p LCD Panel with Underscan and Overscan menu options
  • Digital Video Inputs: 3G-SDI video input with loop-through output and two HDMI inputs
  • Support embedded audio on SDI & HDMI (Ver. 1.3)
  • Front Panel Head phone 3.5mm stereo jack socket for discrete audio monitoring
  • Front Panel Buttons allow quick and easy selection of source input as well as Aspect Ratio, Blue only, Pattern (Colour Bars), Menu and audio controls
  • Colour temperature menu option has 3 modes (6500K, 9300K, 7500K and user defined)
  • Individual adjustment of Brightness, Contrast, Colour Saturation and LED Backlight Level for each monitor
  • OSD audio level peak meter for SDI and HDMI based digital audio inputs.
  • On screen overlays for frame marker 80%, 90%, 4:3 marker, Central Mark and Cinema Zone Marker
  • Bi-colour Tally light and 3.5mm Jack Tally input socket.
  • USB 2.0 port for easy update of firmware with a USB 2.0 pen drive.

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • 1 x TLM-170L Unit
  • 1 x AD Switch DC 12V
  • 1 x Monitor Stand
  • 2 x Velcro