Datavideo MCU-100P

Multi-Camera Control Unit - Panasonic

Suggested List Price: £1,695+VAT

Product Code: DATA-MCU100P

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Datavideo MCU-200P

Rackmount Multi-Camera Control Unit - Panasonic

Product Code: DATA-MCU200P

Suggested List price: £1,695+VAT

Datavideo MCU-100S

Multi-Camera Control Unit - Sony

Product Code: DATA-MCU100S

Suggested List price: £1,695+VAT

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Camera control unit - Panasonic
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Datavideo CCU-100S

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  • MCU-100P is a multiple camera controller to control Panasonic camcorders*
  • Provides major camcorder control functions and operations such as recording, gain, black/white balance, pedestals, shutter and iris
  • Designed to control four camcorders from up to a 1000 metre distance over Ethernet cables
  • Includes camera adapter boxes
  • Affordable cable solution for the complete setup
  • Provides detail camcorder settings by CV output via adapter box
  • Rackmount version available

Supported Panasonic cameras:

  • - AG-HPX255
  • - AG-HPX300
  • - AG-HPX301
  • - AG-HPX302
  • - AG-HPX304
  • - AG-HPX370
  • - AG-HPX370P
  • - AG-HPX371
  • - AG-HPX372
  • - AG-HPX500
  • - AG-HPX502
  • - AG-HPX600
  • - AG-HPX600P
  • - AJ-HDX900
  • - AJ-HPX2700
  • - AJ-HPX2700G
  • - AJ-HPX3000
  • - AJ-HPX2000*
  • - AG-HPX380
  • - AG-HPX3100
  • - AJ-PX800G
  • - AJ-PX500
  • - AG-HPX39

* Models with an asterisk (*) are supported since firmware version 1.8 (dated January 4th, 2017)

The Datavideo MCU-100P Controller can be used to remotely set up, from a gallery or OB Van, Panasonic P2 cameras such as the AG-HPX255, AG-HPX371, AG-HPX301 or AG-HPX600.

The MCU-100P can be connected with up to four Panasonic cameras allowing settings from one camera to be aligned with the other cameras quickly.

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • 1 x MCU-100P Product
  • 4 x Adapter Box AD-1P
  • 1 x AD Switch DC 12V
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable

Brighton local TV selects Panasonic

Brighton local TV selects Panasonic