Stream Server Pro - Upgrade for DVS-100

Product Code: DATA-DVS100P

Product Discontinued

An incredible achievement from Datavideo. DVS-100P works with the NVS-25 HD encoder to create a complete content delivery network for:

  • Point to point video delivery with no need to re-configure firewalls or routers
  • Point to multi-point streaming
  • Global media streaming

Compared with other paid for services, it's incredibly affordable and exceptionally easy to set up. It offers live and on-demand services, with viewer restrictions and audience payment options. 

Compared with free streaming platforms, it offers you control over your audience, videos that are free from third party advertising, and excellent control over your channel. 



  • Stream Server Pro - Upgrade for DVS-100
  • Expands the functionality of the DVS-100
  • Adds a web based video player compatible with desktop and mobile devices as well as advanced IPTV and pay per view functionality
  • Create a rich online video platform

DVS-100P is a complete live streaming server solution with full video on demand functionality. It's easy to install and use, and is available at a very low price.

The DVS-100P expands on the functionality of the DVS-100 by adding a web based video player compatible with desktop and mobile devices as well as advanced IPTV and pay per view functionality. This creates a rich online video platform with:

  • Auto / manual recording of video streams
  • Video on demand
  • Channel list is automatically published to NVD decoder units enabling IPTV functionality
  • Embedded video player compatible with OSX, Windows, IOS and Android
  • Restrict viewing of certain channels to registered account holders - (Facility for Pay Per View)
  • Per instance license (i.e. per Cloud or Local Server)

DVS-100 can be installed on your own internal server, or on 3rd party Cloud servers (such as Amazon or DigitalOcean).

Datavideo DVS-100

Stream Server Software

Where can I install the software?

The software can be installed in the cloud or on a local PC/Server, it can even be installed on a virtual machine. Please see the ‘Download and Installation Guide’ for more details.

How many machines can I install the software on if I buy one licence?

One machine, each licence is per instance.

Are demo licences available?

Yes 30 day trial licences are available on request.

Can I move the software from one machine to another?

Yes you must contact your local office to deactivate the licence on the first machine before it can be moved.

How many users can connect and view my stream?

This depends on the specification of your server and the amount of bandwidth available, please see the ‘Download and Installation Guide’ for more details.

What devices can view the live streams and video on demand content?

All devices with a modern web browser are supported, this includes IOS, Android, Windows, OSX and Linux devices.

Does the machine running the software need internet access?

By default all licences are “online” meaning the machine must be able to access the internet in order to regularly verify its activation status. If a machine needs to be used in a completely offline environment a special “offline” licence can be issued after the initial online activation is successful.

The perfect breakout assistant

Datavideo's DAC-75T is designed to convert video signals from VGA, HDMI, SDI to HDMI or SDI. With touchscreen control, it's a great ally for venues, conference teams and AV rental teams that need to be ready for whatever the presenter needs to project.  DAC-75T makes childplay of connecting your source to a screen or projector. The DAC-75T does upscaling, downscaling and standards conversion for any HDMI, VGA or SDI device to any HDMI or SDI screen or projector. RCA inputs allow audio to be embedded to the output of the video signal for recording purposes.

Datavideo Performs Video Production and Booth Exhibition at NAMM 2016

Datavideo successfully completes video production at the Nissan Stage and booth exhibition at NAMM 2016

BVE 2016 NEWS: Datavideo launches low cost streaming platform

Launching at BVE 2016 in London, Datavideo’s new streaming solution enables organizations and individuals to set up their own multi-channel streaming service. With an initial investment of less than £1,000 and a $5 monthly subscription to a cloud network, users can stream live, create a video on demand library and share (or restrict) video content globally. The entire set up is designed to take around 10 minutes and to be fully scalable, with channel owners determining the audience size and the number of channels.

Datavideo's IBC highlights

Datavideo's IBC highlights


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