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Atomos Shogun 7 | 7inch HDR Pro/Cinema Monitor-Recorder-Switcher


Shogun 7

7inch HDR Pro/Cinema Monitor-Recorder-Switcher

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  • 7" HDR Pro/Cinema Monitor-Recorder-Switcher
  • Multicamera touchscreen switching
  • Perfect exposure and colour
  • Dolby Vision
  • User-friendly AtomOS

Apple ProRes and ProRes RAW recording and playback

Designed for professionals that push boundaries with the quality of their videos, this 7-inch screen elevates the image captured by any HDMI or SDI camera to new levels. With 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and peak brightness of 3000nits, Shogun 7 is the ultimate all-in-one video production tool for creative storytelling.

Shogun 7 embraces the high production values of RAW and 4K HDR to give you complete control of every aspect of your production, on-set and in post. Meticulously monitor every pixel of SDR or HDR as it’s captured. Record up to 5.7K Apple ProRes RAW* or 4K Apple ProRes directly to affordable SSD drives avoiding the high costs and limitations of SD memory cards. You can even shoot RAW at high frame rates up to HDp240**.

Add to this asynchronous, multicamera switching and the ability to record in a range of other codecs, and you have more power to achieve your creative vision than ever before.

*Panasonic EVA1
**Sony FS Series and EVA1

Multicamera touchscreen switching

Live mix & record up to 5 streams

Take full advantage of 4 x SDI inputs and let Shogun 7 step into the role of a portable, quadview live switcher and recorder on your multicamera shoots. Record up to four 1080p60 streams simultaneously as separate ISOs and then cue and switch in real-time with a simple touch of the screen. Display the resulting mixed output (via HDMI or SDI) live on set. You can even output the switched feed for live streaming. Switching is completely asynchronous, eliminating the need for expensive locked sources and allowing the use of more affordable cameras.

Choose to view all streams at once in a quad-view, or a full-screen view of any one of the four input streams. Tapping on a stream window in the quad-view switches to that stream and becomes the program out. Each stream is recorded as a separate ISO with a program and with embedded audio in either Apple ProRes or Avid DNx for re-cutting after the event.

All switch decisions are conveniently recorded as metadata with the transition type embedded in a FCPX .xml file. When filming wraps, simply import your ISOs into your edit software of choice and each stream effortlessly aligns transitions with perfectly synced audio and video content.

In addition to the audio from the cameras, a mixed analog feed can also be added (via optional XLR breakout cable). The program stream always records the analog feed and switches between audio inputs for on-camera audio to match the switched feed.

Perfect exposure and colour

Fine tune every detail, while you shoot

A high-quality viewing experience gives you complete confidence to make educated on-set decisions.

With Shogun 7’s dynamic zoned backlight, blacks are deeper, whites are brighter, and the details of highlights are crystal clear. See what the camera sensor is capturing with unparalleled precision and use the advanced HDR waveform tools from log or RAW to ensure perfect exposure, colour and white balance. Shogun 7 gives you the control to maximise HDR exposure, while feeling comfortable with SDR finishing in post.

Simple monitoring tools put every detail of the image within your control. From custom 3D LUTs, false colour profiles, adjustable focus peaking and movable 1:1 and 2:1 pixel magnification. In addition, RGB parade and vectorscopes ensure perfect colours on your calibrated monitor.

The Shogun 7 is at home on practically any camera

With its ProRes RAW recording capabilities it works with powerhouses like the Canon C300 mkII, Panasonic EVA 1 and Sony FS5 II to create stunning images with maximum detail and latitude for post production. In addition it can transform older cameras like the Sony FS700R into cinematic RAW shooting machines with advanced features like 4Kp60 and 2Kp240 RAW capture.

Use with your DSLR or mirrorless camera via HDMI to get up to 4Kp60 Apple ProRes and AVID DNx codecs for easy editing and archival quality. Add it to a high-end ARRI, RED or Sony Venice and you’ll get accurate HDR monitoring and all the tools you need to get your job done.

Unlock the true potential of your camera

Preserve your sensor's pristine pixels in ProRes RAW at up to 5.7kp30, 4kp60 DCI/HD and 2kp240 DCI/HD

Amplify the creative advantages of shooting RAW

Shogun 7 takes RAW data directly from the camera’s sensor and preserves the unprocessed image. This gives you more freedom to adjust and finesse every aspect of your video in post-production finishing.

Applying ProRes compression technology to RAW image data adds another edge to your creative workflow. ProRes RAW files are smaller than most proprietary RAW formats so you can import, edit and grade faster and more efficiently. ProRes RAW is supported in Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer*

Shogun 7 gives you a wide choice of codecs, making it compatible with all major editing software. In addition to ProRes RAW, Shogun 7 records Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD and HR, as well as Adobe CinemaDNG.

Virtually any HDMI, SDI or Dual or Quad Link SDI source is supported, opening up any new or existing camera. Atomos is proud to support industry standard cameras from Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, RED, Arri and Z-CAM.

*Abode and Avid plan support Q2 2020

Dolby Vision

Give on-set HDR monitoring to your client and creatives

View what you’re capturing through your audience’s eyes before filming has even wrapped. Use Shogun 7 to deliver content via a Dolby Vision live HDMI out, in real-time, from any HDR camera to a compatible Dolby Vision HDR TV or monitor. Shogun 7 ensures you see an accurate representation of your video in maximum brightness and colour detail. Use this accurate reference to adjust exposure and lighting accurately for modern TVs. This not only gives the crew more confidence in what they’re capturing, but also speeds up the finishing process.

User-friendly AtomOS

Intuitive touch screen operation

One-touch operation gives you access to a complete suite of scopes, exposure, zoom, calibration and focus tools to ensure a great recording every time.

Instant playback & review

Playback rushes on-set, either on-screen or out to any Dolby Vision capable TV or monitor. Even watch it in slow motion for more detailed frame-by-frame analysis.

Shot tagging

Metadata tag footage as you go to mark favorites, rejects and more. When you bring your footage into your edit timeline, immediately filter your tags.

Balanced audio

Add 48V stereo mics via an XLR breakout cable. Select mic or line input levels, record up to 12 channels of digital audio from HDMI or SDI and monitor via the 3.5mm headphone jack.

High speed connections

Cross convert between HDMI 2.0 and 1.5G/3G/6G/12G single link SDI or Dual/Quad Link in almost any combination, eliminating the need for specialist converters.

Quad SDI & HDMI 2.0 In/Out

Connect any SDI or HDMI device for monitoring and recording. Cross convert between HDMI 2.0 and 1.5G/3G/6G/12G/Quadlink SDI without specialist converters.

Atomos Shogun 7 Accessory Kit
Shogun 7 Accessory Kit

Kit of Accessories suitable for Shogun 7

Atomos AtomX SDI

SDI expansion module

Atomos XLR Breakout Cable
XLR Breakout Cable

10-Pin LEMO Type to XLR Breakout Cable for the Shogun

Atomos AtomX 13″ Arm & QR Plate
AtomX 13″ Arm & QR Plate

For mounting Atomos monitors onto cameras

Atomos AtomX 10" Arm and QR Plate
AtomX 10" Arm and QR Plate

For mounting Atomos monitors onto cameras

Atomos USB to Serial Cable
USB to Serial Cable

Calibration cable to connect with optional X-Rite calibration unit


Professional HDMI to USB conversion for streaming

Atomos USB-C to Serial Calibration & Control
USB-C to Serial Calibration & Control

Atomos USB-C to Serial Calibration & Control Cable


  • 1D X Mark II
  • EOS 1D
  • EOS 5D Mark III
  • EOS 5D Mark IV
  • EOS 7D
  • EOS C100
  • EOS C100 Mark II
  • EOS C200
  • EOS C300
  • EOS C300 Mark II
  • EOS C500
  • EOS R5
  • XA10
  • XA20
  • XA25
  • XA30
  • XA35
  • XF100
  • XF105
  • XF200
  • XF205
  • XF300
  • XF305


Memory Cards

Angelbird AtomX CFast Adapter
Angelbird AtomX CFast Adapter

CFast to AtomX SSDmini ADAPTER

Angelbird AtomX CFast Adapter
Angelbird AtomX CFast Adapter

CFast to AtomX SSDmini ADAPTER


Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW
Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW

Master Caddy 4K RAW - 1TB

Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW
Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW

Master Caddy 4K RAW - 2TB

Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW
Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW

Master Caddy 4K RAW - 4TB

Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW
Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW

Master Caddy 4K RAW - 500GB

Video Monitors

Wooden Camera Directors Monitor Cage v3
Wooden Camera Directors Monitor Cage v3

For monitors up to 9 inches (measured diagonally)

Wooden Camera Dual Directors Monitor Cage v3
Wooden Camera Dual Directors Monitor Cage v3

Monitor Cage for two LCD Displays v3

Holdan appointed by Atomos as the new distributor for UK and Ireland

Holdan, a specialist distributor to the professional video and broadcast sector and part of the Midwich Group, is pleased to announce they will be taking over the distribution of Atomos products in the UK and Ireland. Atomos exists to help creative professionals cut through technology barriers by creating easy to use, cutting-edge 4K and HD Apple ProRes monitor-recorders. These products give video professionals a faster, higher quality and more affordable production system, whether they create for social media, YouTube, TV or cinema.

  • Shogun 7 unit, Master Caddy II x 1
  • 12V-3A AC power supply, Carry Case
  • Quick Start guide
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