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About Sonnet

Sonnet Technologies develops computer-based products and peripherals. This includes Thunderbolt expansion units, RAID storage systems optimized for video assets, USB, SATA and Firewire PCI cards to expand computer capabilities and Qio media card ingest devices. It also develops fibre channel RAID storage systems and SAN shared storage for Avid, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Grass Valley EDIUS workflows.

Sonnet -> Storage Solutions

Secure Fast Storage Solutions

Direct Attached Storage

Direct Attached Storage

Professional Raid systems connected directly to your PC or Mac
Networked Storage

Networked Storage

Fast raid systems designed for multi-user network access
Portable Storage Solutions

Portable Storage Solutions

Go anywhere, tough and fast media storage solutions for content creators

Selection of Storage Solutions

Sonnet Fusion DX800RAID - TB2

Fusion DX800RAID - TB2

8-drive expandable RAID SATA storage system with Thunderbolt 2 adapter interface.
Sonnet Fusion RX1600S

Fusion RX1600S

Rackmount 16-Drive SATA Storage expansion System With Internal SAS Expanders - 0TB
Sonnet Fusion F3 (6TB)

Fusion F3 (6TB)

Portable 2-drive Hardware RAID Storage system with Quad Interface
Sonnet F2QR - Portable RAID Storage

F2QR - Portable RAID Storage

Portable 2-drive RAID Storage System - Quad Interface
Sonnet Fusion RX1600 Vfibre

Fusion RX1600 Vfibre

High Performance Video Editing SAN Server (0TB)
Sonnet Fusion QR

Fusion QR

Desktop 4-drive Quad interface storage system - 0TB
Sonnet Fusion DX800RAID

Fusion DX800RAID

8-drive SATA storage systems with Internal SAS Expander (0TB)
Sonnet Fusion R400 RAID

Fusion R400 RAID NEW

Rackmount 4-drive USB3 interface storage system - 0TB
Sonnet Fusion RX1600R

Fusion RX1600R

Fusion RX1600RAID Rackmount 16-Drive RAID SATA Storage System With Internal SAS Expander