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Portable, Desktop and Rack-mounted Media Storage

Direct Attached Storage

Direct Attached Storage

Professional Raid systems connected directly to your PC or Mac
Networked Storage

Networked Storage

Fast raid systems designed for multi-user network access
Portable Storage Solutions

Portable Storage Solutions

Go anywhere, tough and fast media storage solutions for content creators

Selection of Storage Solutions

Sonnet Fusion F3 - 6TB

Fusion F3 - 6TB

Portable 2-drive Hardware RAID Storage system with Quad Interface - 6TB
Sonnet Fusion DX800RAID - TB2

Fusion DX800RAID - TB2

8-drive expandable RAID SATA storage system with Thunderbolt 2 adapter interface.
Sonnet Fusion DX800RAID

Fusion DX800RAID

8-drive SATA storage systems with Internal SAS Expander (0TB)
Sonnet Fusion F3 - 8TB

Fusion F3 - 8TB NEW

Fusion F3 Portable & Rack Mountable RAID Storage with Quad Interface - 8TB
Sonnet Fusion F2QR

Fusion F2QR NEW

Fusion F2QR Portable RAID Storage with Quad Interface - 4TB
Sonnet Fusion RX1600R

Fusion RX1600R

Fusion RX1600RAID Rackmount 16-Drive RAID SATA Storage System With Internal SAS Expander
Sonnet Fusion QR

Fusion QR

Desktop 4-drive Quad interface storage system - 0TB
Sonnet Fusion R400 RAID

Fusion R400 RAID NEW

Rackmount 4-drive USB3 interface storage system - 0TB
Sonnet Fusion RX1600S

Fusion RX1600S

Rackmount 16-Drive SATA Storage expansion System With Internal SAS Expanders - 0TB
Sonnet Fusion PCIe Flash Drive

Fusion PCIe Flash Drive NEW

Pocketable, Bus-Powered, Ultra-High-Performance PCI Express SSD Storage Device - 256GB