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Standards Converter with Genlock

Product Code: TV1-1T-PALNTSC-GL

Product Discontinued

  • Multi-standard for World TV Systems
  • Full Frame TBC for all Inputs
  • Comb Filter Decoding of the Video Input
  • Integral Video Processor for Adjustments
  • Genlocks to System Reference

1T-PALNTSC-GL is an ultra compact, high performance Standard Converter, converts any of the widely used world television standard signals to any other widely used television standard. In addition to converting between the world's television standards, it also corrects instabilities present in video signals. Time base errors found in videotape playbacks are eliminated and signal amplitude variations are corrected by circuitry that automatically adjusts errant input levels to insure a 1 volt P/P output. Noisy or distorted sync pulses are replaced with reinserted, stable sync. Digital Comb filtering is applied to Y/C signals. Built in AGC maintains 1 V P/P signal outputs.

Also, frame synchronization of incoming signals. It also provides a Genlock feature that enables the incoming signal to be locked to an external video source.

  • 1 x 1T-PALNTSC-GL
  • 1 x Power Adapter US, UK or Euro
  • 1 x Operations Manual


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