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Video Technology

Buying individual products is a complicated process in itself.

For example, if you are sourcing a new video I/O card for recording and monitoring video, there are more than twenty available models to choose from. The same goes for broadcast monitors - even the most experienced technician can find it challenging to work through the various options.

As a value added distributor, we spend a lot of time with our resellers helping them to understand where our products fit in, what makes them different and how they fit into different workflows. We also produce Technology Guides which are designed to help buyers quickly identify the right product.

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Today, technology is extremely versatile. As a result, it is often possible to adapt or convert one product for a number of different roles. Camera adapters, Thunderbolt adapters, signal converters, camera rigs and wireless bridge units are just some of the tools you can use to...

  • Link consumer equipment into a broadcast workflow
  • Convert a camcorder into a studio camera
  • Add PCI cards to Thunderbolt laptops and workstations
  • Send uncompressed video signals over huge distances with no cables
  • Record broadcast-compliant files using semi-professional camera equipment

Integrated Systems

There used to be a gulf between the worlds of IT, video and broadcast.

The likes of Blackmagic Design and Datavideo have made any difference almost meaningless. The manufacturers that Holdan represents can deliver almost any broadcast project at a fraction of the cost of traditional suppliers.

A great example is multi-channel recording which has previously required either a dedicated rack of VTRs or a standalone production system. Both solutions are extremely expensive. With new low-cost software from Quadrus, Vitec and Metus, Holdan's specialist resellers can now configure an HP workstation to ingest multiple streams of HD video into any codec, with clips ready to edit even while a programme is still recording. It's this kind of innovative approach that Holdan brings to the broadcast market.

Sectors - Integrated Systems

We have been involved in countless such projects including:

  • Creating broadcast studios using Panasonic camcorders and Blackmagic switchers
  • Building portable production units (PPUs) for massive live events
  • Installing wireless PTZ cameras in the High Court for TV news
  • Integrating a transcoding farm for a major archive
  • Supplying multiple camera heads and multi-channel recording systems for reality documentaries


We have worked with countless schools, colleges and universities to help them get the most out of the latest video technology.

As education buyers have sophisticated needs, we work with specialist resellers. Together we can deliver class-leading AV solutions, real broadcast solutions for advanced students and low-cost training equipment ideal for teaching the fundamentals of video production. We have worked with resellers to integrate complete solutions on campuses around the country; typical projects include:

  • Installation of studio cameras in dedicated broadcast departments
  • Developing TV production galleries, complete with live streaming
  • Setting up PTZ cameras in lecture halls
  • Designing video walls for reception areas
  • Supply film and video cameras for media departments
  • Installing IP cameras with multi-camera recording into interview rooms
  • Configure a matrix hub in medical labs for multi-screen display
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AV Solutions

Unlike many AV distributors, Holdan has a background in the video and broadcast world.

This gives us access to a much broader array of equipment and wide-ranging expertise. As a result, we can approach projects with a new perspective, to deliver solutions that are more robust, more versatile and more cost-effective.

Our experience with SDI, fibre, HDMI, Cat5 and analogue cabling systems and expertise in converting between standards makes us well placed to assist resellers at every stage of a project, from proposal to implementation. This openness to new technologies has real benefits when it comes to expanding systems and developing the functionality of existing solutions: Holdan is well versed in taking existing AV feeds and re-purposing them to be recorded, streamed globally or distributed campus-wide.

Recent projects include:

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As distributor for Panasonic, SLR Magic and Blackmagic Design, Holdan has access to some of the most ground-breaking film-making kit.

These next generation systems have the image quality and versatility to fulfil a number of roles: high-end drama, documentaries, natural history, music video and much more. Also, delivering superior downscaled HD, they have a real role to play in everyday production.

The UltraHD inventory of kit now includes 4K cameras at every price point and every size. UltraHD monitors, editing and grading equipment, portable storage and support rigs including:



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