14 May 2020

Social Distancing on film and TV sets: safe and affordable monitoring with Serv Pro

As programme makers get back to work, productions are adhering to safe procedures and social distancing.

Re-writes and clever camera angles keep actors apart, while wireless follow focusing and zero latency 5GHz monitoring allow key production personnel to control equipment and each shot at a comfortable distance.

Affordable Production Monitoring

But what about the wider crew - the client, script writer and assistants? Teradek Serv Pro can give up-to 10 team members on-set access to the live camera feed (SDI or HDMI) within a 100m radius using an iPad or Android tablet and a dedicated app. It’s fast with only a 2-frame latency and the HD video quality is very high (up-to 15Mb/s).

Serv Pro Workflow

For technicians, the app supports professional monitoring tools including waveform monitoring, peaking, frame lines and even LUT application. All tools are available in real-time to each user.

Security First

Serv Pro uses WiFi to transmit live video feeds which reduces the cost, management and installation times compared with zero latency or cabled systems. Viewable on any iOS or Android device with Teradek’s free VUER app, Serv Pro ensures the security of the stream by encrypting and password-protecting the data.

Production Management

For production assistants and co-ordinators not directly on the set, it’s important to oversee the wider scene and the activity around the camera. Secondary wide-angle cameras can be set up around the set, allowing all departments to check in with the set, as well as monitor the main camera. Multiple Serv Pro devices and the app meet this need for multi-angle monitoring; VUER can support the feed from up-to 4 sources simultaneously on a single tablet.

Serv Pro - Four Source on a single tablet

Beyond the set. Enter Mrs Maisel

Amazon’s Mrs Maisel was filmed at New York’s Steiner Studios and relied on Teradek’s Serv Pro for studio-wide monitoring. By leveraging the existing wireless network, Serv Pro allowed sound stages, producers, wardrobe rooms, make-up departments and offices to monitor the production, even in rooms hundreds of metres away. This kind of set-up is vital to maintain the shooting schedule and to synchronise every department involved in the production, especially when numbers are limited on-set .

Monitoring on Location

Serv Pro is just as happy on location as in studio. Lightweight, camera-mountable and wireless, it’s a real go-anywhere product (read how it was used in remote Iceland). In these open spaces and with a small crew, Serv Pro on its own is ideal.

In more challenging environments or on bigger productions, the Teradek Link dual band WiFi router is Serv Pro’s supercharger. It enhances wireless and streaming performance, increases transmission range and supports multiple users switching live between multiple video feeds. It’s excellent for:

  • Locations where transmission range needs to extend up-to 300m
  • Congested WiFi areas, such as city centres
  • Multi-camera shoots
Serv Pro and Link Workflow
For more information please contact our Sales Desk:
+44 (0)1457 851000 | sales@holdan.co.uk.

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Teradek Serv Pro

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Teradek Link

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