Battery Hot Swapping is Finally Here

11 January 2019

Imagine if you never had to power down your camera to swap batteries.

For broadcasters and film-makers, completely eliminating downtime is the dream. Pro camera operators need their kit powered and working at all times, whether it’s in a live environment or on a busy set, up against a tight shooting schedule. Turning off a camera to replace a battery in such a situation is going to be a major inconvenience, especially if your battery is powering the camera, wireless transmitters, follow focus, on camera monitors and an EVF.

The team at Core SWX have taken note of this problem, brought it to the lab, and have found quite the revolutionary workaround with the Jetpack EVO.

The Jetpack sits between the camera and battery to provide a standby 29wh power source. Firstly, the 15A maximum draw enables a power hungry camera system to continue running for around 5 minutes. An Alexa Mini with the MVF-1 will run for around 20 minutes. This means that you can run your batteries closer to the 0% marker. So you can get more out of every pack, without the paranoid fear of running out of power at a critical moment.

Secondly, a variety of optional modules allow you to expand the capability of the Jetpack EVO, by adding a range of power I/O options. Fischer 24v and two pin LEMO outputs can be added, as well as a 6 pin RED style LEMO input. All the modules are engineered to not obstruct connectors on the RED DSMC2 PRO I/O module. So even if you are using a compact camera system with few power outputs, with Jetpack EVO you can have all the connectors you need, and every accessory powered from your main battery. That means no need to keep a stack of NPF or EP6 units ready and charged to keep your on-camera recorder running.

The Jetpack EVO can act as a converter too. A number of configs are available with a choice of being able to connect to V-mount, Gold mount and DSMC2 ports on the back of a camera, and the ability to use V-mount or Gold mount batteries depending on which you choose to purchase. You can mount it on a RED camera with a V-lock battery, you can mount it on a V-mount compatible camera and power it with a Gold mount battery – a customer simply looking for extra ports or the ability to hot swap is able to make use of their entire inventory of batteries on a shoot by buying a couple of these.

For more information on these products please call us or follow the links below.

Core SWX JetPack EVO 3-Stud to 3-Stud
Core SWX JetPack EVO 3-Stud to 3-Stud

Gold Mount to Gold Mount JetPack EVO

Core SWX JetPack EVO DSMC2 to 3-Stud
Core SWX JetPack EVO DSMC2 to 3-Stud

DSMC2 to Gold Mount JetPack EVO

Core SWX JetPack EVO DSMC2 to V-Mt
Core SWX JetPack EVO DSMC2 to V-Mt

DSMC2 to V-Mountt JetPack EVO

Core SWX JetPack EVO V-Mt to 3-Stud
Core SWX JetPack EVO V-Mt to 3-Stud

V-Mount to Gold Mount JetPack EVO

Core SWX JetPack EVO V-Mt to V-Mt
Core SWX JetPack EVO V-Mt to V-Mt

V-Mount to V-Mount JetPack EVO

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