Panasonic Professional Displays

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Panasonic Professional Displays

The range of large format displays available today can be bewildering. Each range is optimized for particular uses and installations. Panasonic also designs models to suit different budgets.

These high definition models have an array of digital inputs and slim, attractive bezels. Compared with consumer units, these offer superior panels designed for long-term continuous use and remote control options that enable the displays to fit your installation.

Panasonic displays are used as:

  • Standalone displays in meeting rooms or reception areas
  • 24/7 control room screens and gallery monitors in TV production and AV facilities
  • Part of a multi-monitor network (in shopping centres, on campus and in transport hubs)
  • In dynamic video wall installations for advertising and information display

LF Indoor HD Displays

High brightness 700cd/sqm models

Multi-purpose high impact screens, bright enough for very well lit reception and meeting areas

Cost-effective 450cd/sqm models

Multi-purpose screens, bright enough for moderately well lit reception and meeting areas

What is Digital Link?

LFE Lightweight Indoor HD Displays

Low-cost 350cd/sqm models

Attractive yet cost-effective general purpose screens

LFV Video Wall HD Displays

Super slim bezels create a stunning impression either individually or in a video wall configuration

500cd/sqm models

800cd/sqm model

LFB Interactive Screens

Fantastic displays with multi-touch input. Ideal for teaching, meetings and video conferences

Low energy 350cd/sqm models with Digital Link

Cost-effective PB models

Premium Quality VX Display with digital cinema colour

The ultimate quality in 2D and 3D - with amazing colour rendition and motion control 

3D Ready Motion Vector Prediction


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