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audioStrap Standard

audioStrap Standard

Shoulder strap and waist belt for an audio case

Product Code: CAM-ASS

Suggested Retail Price £80+VAT

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The construction of the audioStrap standard provides a comfortable and ergonomic way to carry your (camRade) audiobag. With the padding on the back and a strong waistband, the pressure is evenly divided across your body, ensuring a minimum of stress during your activities.

The way you can attach your audiobag to this strap, allows you to have both hands free and have full access to all necessary controls of your recorder/mixer during your work.

The harness can be put on like a backpack and the waistband is like a belt which keeps the bag firmly to your body. The bag is attached to the strap with an easy clip-on system.

camRade audioStrap Deluxe
audioStrap Deluxe

Extra padded shoulder strap and waist belt for an audio case

  • 1 audioStrap Standard (harness and waistband)


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