BVE Promotions Until Friday 31st March

Our show specials represent fantastic savings on list prices. They are all available through your local reseller, with next day shipping often available.

We are running promotions with some of the world's leading manufacturers:

BVE 2017


camRade transPorter Medium

Medium Universal Carry Case
25% off camRade transPorter Medium when bought with any Panasonic or Blackmagic URSA Camera

camRade transPorter Large

Large Universal Carry Case
25% off camRade transPorter Large when bought with any Panasonic or Blackmagic URSA Camera

These camera and accessory bags offer a flexible and highly customizable solution for a large number of popular camcorders. Both bags have a separate pouch to store your lenses, cables and other small items and a fixed lens protection cover, all made of Cordura® fabric and YKK® zippers.


Datavideo KMU-100 / RMC-185 Bundle

4K Multicamera Processor (KMU-100) with dedicated control surface (RMC-185)
Save £500 when Buying KMU-100 & RMC-185

Award winning product that revolutionizes the way 4K cameras are used for live video productions.

Datavideo Teleprompter offer

Prompting solutions from Smart Phone to Tablet devices - suitable for portable, PTZ and ENG cameras.
Buy any 2 Datavideo Teleprompters get a free DVP-100 Multi-Teleprompter Control System

Using DVP-100 and multiple TP teleprompters, presenters can read from multiple prompters around a studio for a dynamic, truly televisual production.



Bi-Colour Large LED Pad Light
25% Off! Save £49.75+VAT

Cast shadow-less light with this Ultra thin & Ultra soft light.


Bi-colour Ultra Soft LED Studio Light
25% Off! Save Upto: £457.25+VAT

These wide LED panels deliver a beautifully soft output. Their wide format gives them the versatility of being used in portrait or landscape mode for either general studio or portrait lighting.


Logickeyboard keyboards

10% off All Logickeyboard keyboards

Logickeyboard keyboard skins

10% off All Logickeyboard keyboard skins

Premiere Pro or Final Cut editor? ProTools user? DaVinci Resolve colourist? Whatever your professional creative software, there's a dedicated shortcut keyboard for you. Durable, incredibly easy to use and now at 10% off!


Paralinx Arrow-X

30% off Paralinx Selected Arrow-X systems

Paralinx Tomahawk

30% off Paralinx Selected Tomahawk systems

Paralinx offers professional & affordable wireless HD video transmitting solutions for use with all cameras and monitors. They provide tools to help cinematographers and directors make films without the burden of wires dragging all over set.

SLR Magic

SLR Magic anamorphic glass and adapters are highly respected by film makers for delivering the classic aspect ratio, contrast, distortion, chromatic, colour aberration, and flare characteristics of vintage lenses. The cine prime lenses deliver the highest quality results for the most discerning user, while the fast DSLR-style glass offers outstanding results with unmatched value for money.


SmallHD 502 / 501 Bundle

Kits include: 502 / 501 Monitor with:-
1x SideFinder, 1x Sun Hood, 1x Acrylic Screen Protector, 1x Universal Mounting Kit, 1x 12-inch Thin SDI Cable, 1x 8GB SD Card, 2x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 1x HDMI Cable

SmallHD HDR Monitors

Up to 25% off all SmallHD HDR Monitors:
1703 HDR (Sold Out) | 2403 HDR | 3203 HDR

SmallHD 1703 Studio

Save 15% off on SmallHD 1703 Studio

SmallHD HDR, the brightest most durable monitors in the world.