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About LensPen

LensPen is the inventor of the original lens cleaning pen, the no. 1 tool for removing finger­prints and smudges from optical lenses. LensPen has been designing carbon cleaning products for over 20 years and now offers a full range for cameras, lenses, filters, sensors and many other applications.
LensPen Counter Display
Counter Display

Counter display containing 10 LensPen Original cleaning pens

LensPen DSLR Pro Kit
DSLR Pro Kit

A selection of cleaning pens in a handy microfibre cloth pouch, for all DSLR cameras

LensPen FilterKlear

Cleaning pen with carbon cleaning tip and retractable brush for camera filters

LensPen Hurricane Blower
Hurricane Blower

Powerful dust blower for safely removing dust from camera sensors and lenses

LensPen Lens Cleaning Kit
Lens Cleaning Kit

A selection of 3 popular LensPen products for keeping your camera and lenses clean

LensPen LensPen

Lens cleaning pen for camera lenses, binocular lenses, spotting scopes, telescopes and other optics

LensPen MicroKlear

Deluxe microfibre suede cloth designed for cleaning cameras and other electronic devices

LensPen MicroPro

Micro lens cleaning pen, for camera viewfinders, smartphone lenses and other micro optics

LensPen MiniPro

Lens cleaning pen for compact camera lenses and other small optics

LensPen SensorKlear II
SensorKlear II

Camera sensor cleaning pen with articulating head and anti-static carbon tip

LensPen SensorKlear II Plus Kit
SensorKlear II Plus Kit

Camera sensor cleaning kit including dust blower and sensor cleaning pen with anti-static carbon tip

LensPen SensorKlear Loupe Kit
SensorKlear Loupe Kit

Camera sensor cleaning kit including LED magnifying loupe, sensor cleaning pen and blower

LensPen Ultimate DSLR Cleaning Kit
Ultimate DSLR Cleaning Kit

A selection of 4 popular LensPen products for keeping your camera, lenses and filters clean

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