Wooden Camera Crossbar v2 (No Clamp)

Crossbar without clamp

Suggested List Price: £240+VAT

Product Code: WC-204500

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Wooden Camera Crossbar v2 Kit

Crossbar v2 Kit

Product Code: WC-204400

Suggested List price: £290+VAT

Optional Extras

Wooden Camera Crossbar Clamp

Clamp for the Crossbar from the Shoulder Rig v2

Product Code: WC-204600

Suggested List Price: £81+VAT

  • Consists of a NATO rail on top with safety pins on each end, 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 holes for attaching accessories, 1/4 inch pass through slots for attaching to cheeseplates and rod clamps, and ARRI standard rosettes on each end for attaching Rosette Arms and Rosette Grips

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