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Perfect down-the-lens interviews

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Newsshooter: VoxBox Pro Mark II

In the real world, the VoxBox Pro Mark II is super easy to set up and use. I could have everything ready to go in about 3-5 minutes.

Review by Matthew Allard ACS
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The VoxBox Pro is a mirror box that positions in front of the camera lens. It allows filmmakers to shoot down-the-lens interviews while maintaining eye contact between the interviewer and the subject.

  • Fits in seconds to existing 15mm rails, or to a lighting stand
  • Lightweight aluminium construction - built to last a lifetime
  • Converts to a Teleprompter using the included tablet holder
  • Complete with superior quality hard case and laser-cut foam
  • Can be stored in the case fully-rigged ready for instant use
  • Dimensions (main box, without mounts) (WxHxD): 254 x 205 x 205mm

The new VoxBox Pro MKII has several new improvements over the previous model:

  • Completely re-designed and built using lightweight aluminium throughout.
  • Now you can use wider lenses (approx 24mm on a Super 35mm sensor; approx 30mm on a full frame sensor).
  • The glass mounting, height adjustment and tilting side mirror have been re-designed.

Effortless setup – be ready to roll in minutes

There are no cumbersome tripod plates or adaptors to fit – the unit simply attaches in place of your matte box to existing 15mm rails. The kit can be stored fully-rigged in the case meaning no time is wasted on location during setup - it can be rigged and ready to use in under two minutes! If you don’t have rails or you are using a DSLR, the kit includes a 16mm receiver allowing it to be mounted on a standard lighting stand.

Portable and Flexible

Challenging spaces are no problem for the VoxBox Pro – the unit can be quickly configured to allow the interviewer to sit at one of several possible positions. For shooting-producers/directors or camera operators, the unit comes with a side mirror which allows operation of the camera whilst maintaining eye contact with the subject through the VoxBox Pro. This flexibility allows you to quickly adapt to each location.

Converts to a Teleprompter

Switch from interview mode to Teleprompter mode in seconds! A tablet holder is included which attaches to the unit, converting it to a Teleprompter.

Designed for busy crews

With the time pressures facing crews on location, the VoxBox Pro makes life easier when shooting down-the-lens interviews. The ultra-quick setup allows you to spend more time getting the shot right - not trying to attach cumbersome adaptors and balance tripod plates. The sturdy, robust construction withstands day-to-day handling and uses hardware fixings throughout - not hook-and-loop or bungee cord found in similar products.

Will the VoxBox Pro attach to my rig?

Standard 15mm rails are recommended for optimal use, which you should already have if you have a matte box. Your rails should not extend beyond the front of the lens. You will also need a medium/heavy duty tripod to support the front weight of the main box unit.

How heavy is the VoxBox Pro?

The VoxBox Pro main unit is about 1.9kg (without tablet adaptor or side mirror). 

Do the mirrors adjust for different interviewers?

The side mirror can be titled for interviewer comfort. If you are not using the side mirror, simply set the height of the camera to match the eye-level of the interviewer (as you would a standard off-camera interview) and frame the subject. In extreme height differences, the main box can be angled by adjusting the rail block mount.

Can the height from the rails be adjusted?

The rail block on the main unit can be repositioned to ensure the lens is centred through the hole. There is about 50mm adjustment possible.

If I don’t have rails or if I am using a small camera or a DSLR?

The VoxBox Pro comes with a 16mm receiver adaptor. This screws onto the base of the VoxBox Pro which allows you to attach it to a standard lighting stand. The unit can then be positioned in front of the camera lens.

Does the beamsplitter glass give any loss of light or colour shift?

You will lose less than 1 stop of light through the glass. This is not a problem for most cameras. The glass ‘warms up’ the image slightly, which can be corrected in post-production if necessary.

What’s the widest focal length I can use?

On a Super 35 size sensor (F55, F5, FS7, C300 etc), the widest focal length is approximately 24mm before the edges of the VoxBox Pro are visible. On full-frame sensors, around 30mm is the widest. You can easily frame two subjects in the same shot. 

What is the diameter of the hole on the box?

The opening at the back of the VoxBox Pro (where the lens is positioned) is 140mm. Doughnuts are supplied to fit on various lenses.

How big is the VoxBox Pro?

Dimensions of main box, without mounts (WxHxD): 254 x 205 x 205mm.

Does the beamsplitter glass need to be removed from the main box after use?

The glass is secure when inserted into the VoxBox Pro and can be packed away fully assembled if required.

How do I clean the beamsplitter glass?

Make sure all dust and grit is brushed or washed from the glass. Do not rub it when dry. When clear of dust and grit, the surfaces may be cleaned using any soft cotton based cloth. Man-made fibres will eventually damage the surface. Dabbing the surface with a damp soapy cloth to remove dust and grit is safe. The glass can then be polished. Non-greasy window cleaning products used in conjunction with a cotton cloth should be safe, once all grit has been removed.

Which tablets work with the VoxBox Pro?

The included adjustable tablet holder will accept any device. Maximum device size: 188mm (measured between the two clamps).

Which teleprompting software works with the VoxBox Pro?

There are many free and paid-for Teleprompter software applications available. We recommend applications with the following features:

  1. Flip mirrored text horizontally
  2. Text justification (recommended if using a tablet larger than the two-way mirror) (The latter is more important if your tablet is over 7”)

We recommend ‘Nano Teleprompter’ (Android) or ‘PromptSmart Pro’ (Android/iOS).

Does the unit fold away for travel?

The unit is a solid metal box which doesn’t fold. It’s designed for fast setup and to be sturdy. It can be packed with minimal protection in a suitcase for flight.

  • Main box
  • Beamsplitter glass
  • Tilting side mirror
  • Tablet holder
  • Doughnuts (63, 80 & 112mm)
  • 16mm receiver
  • Printed instruction manual
  • Hard Case with laser-cut foam

NOTE: The cameras, tablet, stands and tripods shown are not included and shown for demonstration purposes only. The kit is not supplied with mounting rails; you should have these already if you have a matte box or follow focus etc. Alternatively, the unit can be mounted on a lighting stand with the included 16mm adaptor.

VoxBox Pro MKII
VoxBox Pro MKII
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