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Professional Streaming - 1 Year Plan

Product Code: VIM-PES

Suggested Retail Price £10,095+VAT

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Unlimited live streaming

Premium Features

      • Unlimited live streaming - High quality live streaming and real-time audience engagement for your next big event
      • 7TB total storage
      • Unlimited live viewers
      • Support for live and 360 video, across devices
      • No ads before, during, or after your video
      • H.264 and all major codecs for high-speed, high-quality transcoding
      • Adaptive streaming ensures the highest quality for any connection speed

Enterprise also includes

      • Unlimited Storage
      • Live Video Playback & Content Management APIs
      • Advertising & Monetization
      • Geo-Blocking & IP Restrictions
      • Registration Portal & SSO
      • Multiple Simultaneous Live Events
      • Branded OTT Apps
      • Pay-per-view & Subscriptions
      • 24/7 Streaming
      • Enterprise Content Delivery Network
      • Priority & Event Support
      • Dedicated Account Manager
      • On-Site Training
      • Live Video Workflow Consultations
      • Production Services

All the tools you need for live streaming and beyond.

    • Ad-free HD
      Get stunning quality with no ads before, during, or after your live and hosted videos.
    • Secure sharing
      Safely send and receive videos of all sizes, and enjoy password protection and domain-level privacy.
    • Lightning-quick human support
      Get email responses within one hour (weekdays), and chat support (U.S. business hours).
    • Simultaneous events
      Live stream up to three events at once, so you’ve got coverage for all your happenings.
    • In-depth stats
      Get live, post-event, and social stats to see what’s working, and dive deeper with Google Analytics.
    • Stream to social media
      Extend your reach by simultaneously live streaming to Vimeo and Facebook, YouTube, or your favorite RTMP destinations.
    • Cloud transcoding and RTMP
      Ensure your viewers get higher quality, while you get more flexibility and save money.
    • Auto archiving
      Review and publish post-event videos, and edit and replace the file as many times you need.
    • Powerful integrations
      Sync up seamlessly with all the places you use most, like Dropbox, Adobe, MailChimp, and more.
    • Collect and gather feedback
      Create a review page of your post-event video, and gather feedback before publishing.

The most comprehensive privacy options for the most important videos. Yours.

Secure video sharing

Advanced privacy settings let you dial in exactly how your videos are viewed.

Password protection

Lock videos or entire albums with a password. Easy.

Private link sharing

Send your videos privately with a link, no password required.

Embed permissions

Specify which websites have permission to embed your video.

Unlisted review pages

Let your collaborators watch and comment on edits privately.

Private uploading

Choose exactly who’s allowed to see your video, before it even uploads. So whether you want to restrict access to specific people, soft launch a film to just your followers, or hide a rough cut from everyone, we got you.

Collaborate in private

Private projects let you invite your team to share files, comment on works-in-progress, and more — and you control who sees what. You can even add your boss (or remove them).

The tools your team needs to stay efficient, organized and sane.

No more feedback wrangling

Invite unlimited reviewers to add time-coded notes and respond to comments, right inside your video. No registration required — just feedback without the friction.

Easily invite team members, freelancers, and even clients to private projects, then set exact permission levels for each person. That means your freelance editor can work on videos in Project A, your client can access only her files in Project B, and you can be sure their workspaces stay separate.

Never lose a version

Previous video versions and comments are automatically saved, so nothing gets lost. Even when you’re on Edit59_versionD_final_v7.

Share your final product

Showcase your team’s creative work with custom albums and embeddable playlists. Share far and wide, or keep it private for just your collaborators.

Custom Integrations

Vimeo has custom integrations with all the creative tools you already use — like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Slack, Dropbox and more.

High quality live streaming and real-time audience engagement for your next big event.

Pristine Quality

Full HD

Broadcast your events in up to 1080p, with no ads before, during, or after your live stream.

Cloud transcoding

Adaptive streaming means viewers get the best quality across devices, even with limited bandwidth.

Trusted technology

Millions of brands and creators rely on Vimeo, and we’ve got all-human support to help you along the way.

Stress-free streaming

Advanced privacy

Share securely, and showcase your event to thousands of eyes — or just who you choose.

RTMP flexibility

Get the freedom to choose your ideal RTMP encoder for your workflow.

Embeddable and customizable

Embed the live player on Vimeo, your site, or elsewhere and customize it with your own logo and colours.

Higher Engagement

Live audience chat

Turn on chat to let your viewers engage in real-time with your live stream, wherever you embed.

Marketing tools

Stream to social media, and engage viewers with calls to action and email capture in the player.

Advanced analytics

What’s working well, and what could work better? Get insights with live, post-event, and social stats.

All your videos, all in one home

Auto archive and edit

Once your event ends, you can replace the video as many times as you like with files in up to 4K.

Management and storage

Manage all your live and uploaded videos with up to 7TB of storage, and enjoy powerful tools for teams.

Sell videos worldwide

Reach more eyes and earn more money when you sell your post-event videos after the big day.

Reach your audience everywhere

Simultaneously stream live events across your website and social channels to reach your audience in the highest quality possible, no matter where they watch.

Vimeo Livestream Premium

Professional Streaming & Hosting Platform - 1 Year Plan

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