Cube 755

Cube 755

H.265 (HEVC) and H.264(AVC) Camera Top Encoder

Product Code: TER-CUBE755

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  • H.265 (HEVC) and H.264(AVC) Camera Top Encoder
  • Real-Time H.265(HEVC) and H.264(AVC) Encoder
  • Dual-Band 2.4/5.8 GHz WiFi, Ethernet and USB Interfaces
  • HDMI and SDI Video Inputs
  • Camera Top Form Factor
  • Built-In Color Grading
  • On-Board SD Card Recording
  • Two-Pin Connector-Type Power Input

What is HEVC?

HEVC, also known as H.265, is a next-generation compression standard that offers a number of enhancements over H.264. Compared to AVC (H.264) compression, HEVC is 50% more efficient, which translates into maintaining the same video quality at half the bitrate or double the video quality at the same bitrate.

The new Cube 700 and Slice 756 series

The new Cube 700 and Slice 756 series bring the latest in compression technology at a size and price point never before seen.

What makes HEVC Cube and Slice unique

  • Can use both HEVC (H.265) and AVC (H.264) High Profile compression
  • Compatible with Core transcoding engine. This allows you to take advantage of HEVC encoding when streaming to Core, while delivering your content in AVC to your destination.
  • Dual input (HDMI + 3G-SDI)
  • Compatible with the new Bond expansion module, allowing you to turn your Cube 700 series into a professional bonding solution
  • GigE and 2.4 / 5.8Ghz 802.11ac WiFi built-in
  • Bitrate support up to 30Mbps
  • Streaming resolution support up to 1080p60
  • Compatible with T-21, Sencore, and Vitec HEVC decoders
  • Uses just 6W of power

What can Cube and Slice codecs do?

  • Stream to any online video platform, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Periscope, and more.
  • Stream point-to-point to decoders over the internet or on local networks with latency as low as 80ms
  • Comprehensive protocol support: MPEG-TS, RTSP, RTMP, HLS, TDS
  • Monitor your live video feed on an iOS device for confidence or local configuration
  • Turn your camera into a wireless video feed for Teradek’s Live:Air iOS switcher application
Teradek Cube 775
Cube 775

HEVC Decoder

Teradek Firmware Version 8.2.1

New Features

  • Added manual audio/video sync adjustment

Changes and Improvements

  • Improved handling of Sputnik list requests from Core
  • Enabled loop out video from T-RAX HEVC encoder cards

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various issues with audio/video sync
  • Video frame rate was initialized incorrectly for some video formats
  • Cube with Bond module failed to boot correctly when certain network adapters/modems were connected
  • MPEG-TS constant bitrate setting was not applied correctly
  • Key Frame Interval setting did not work correctly
  • Audio bitrate setting was ignored
  • H.264 profile setting was ignored
  • 7xx encoder Live:Air status always reported zero clients
  • Disabling quickview stream prevented 7xx encoders from starting

Teradek Firmware Version 8.0.6

New Features

  • Added HEVC support to Live:Air stream mode

Changes and Improvements

  • Local SD Card/USB recording now works while streaming to Core
  • Ethernet cable does not have to be disconnected and reconnected after changing Ethernet settings

Bug Fixes

  • Sputnik/Core connection was not closed when disabling cloud services
  • Some USB flash drives were not detected

Teradek Firmware Version 8.0.5

New Features

  • Added SDI audio pair selection to 700 series encoders

Changes and Improvements

  • MPEG-TS feature is activated when a Bond module is detected

Bug Fixes

  • MPEG-TS audio stopped working after some time when streaming NTSC resolution with deinterlacer enabled
  • Cube 700 did not work with Teralink
  • YouTube 'Stream Now' event was not selectable from the front panel
  • 1080PsF25 video input did not work

Teradek Firmware Version 8.0.4

New Features

  • Added support for SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) streaming
  • Added APN/CID settings for modems in Auto mode

Changes and Improvements

  • Update Facebook authorization endpoint
  • Improved codec stability when changing settings

Bug Fixes

  • Interlaced video was always streamed at 50/60fps when deinterlacer was enabled, regardless of 50/60p output setting
  • Framerate was displayed incorrectly on front panel when 50/60p input was present
  • Some bitrate and rate control settings weren't applied correctly
  • Bitrate, buffer length settings didn't update correctly when using Sputnik/Core
  • Some SD cards were incorrectly recognized as read only
  • Huawei E3276 was not initialized correctly

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • 1 x Cube 755
  • 2 x 2dBi Antennas (2.4/5.8 GHz)
  • 1 x HDMI & 1 SDI Cable
  • 1 x Hot Shoe Adapter
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable
  • 2-pin connector to 18W Power Adapter


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