Teradek Cube 355

HD-SDI Decoder - OLED Display, MIMO Dual Band WiFi, External USB Port & Ethernet

Suggested List Price: £1,660+VAT

Product Code: TER-CUBE355

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Optional Extras

Teradek CUBIT-010

Hotshoe Mounting Hardware for Cube

Product Code: TER-CUBIT010

Suggested List Price: £26+VAT

Wireless video decoder that outputs HD video via HD-SDI for use with video switchers and professional monitors

  • Decodes IP video from Teradek encoders via WiFi, Ethernet, or a single 3G/4G USB modem 
  • Compact aluminum chassis 
  • MIMO WiFi dual band (2.4/5.8 GHz) greatly improves wireless performance. Achieve a greater range and improved video quality in congested environments
  • Micro USB port to charge internal battery for 2 hours run time
  • Connect to external battery or AC adapter for longer shooting time
  • Low power requirement
  • OLED Display - rapidly change and review settings, in addition to providing real-time feedback for filenames, recording status, and wireless connectivity
  • 2-pin power connector
  • IFB: Allows the studio to communicate with remote camera crews
  • For Teradek mounting, power and cabling accessories, click here

Technology Guides

Teradek Firmware Version 7.3.14

New Features

  • None

Changes and Improvements

  • Updated Twitch API - authentication change prevented devices from logging in
  • Special characters can now be used in Periscope post titles

Bug Fixes

  • Bond II front panel did not start correctly
  • Max bitrate was not set correctly when streaming to Core
  • Periscope API errors occurred after reboots of authenticated devices
  • Group, Event, and Video support were missing from Facebook settings
  • YouTube event caption settings were being set to disabled when captions were not present in stream
  • Decoder cloud settings page displayed encoder text

Teradek Firmware Version 7.3.13

New Features

  • Added Periscope support
  • Front Panel can be disabled by holding left on menu button

Changes and Improvements

  • Updated Twitch API
  • Selected company can be changed without logging out of Core account

Bug Fixes

  • Custom Wireless configuration for Bond did not take effect
  • Fixed support for some USB modems
  • T-RAX card configuration interface was not restarted after errors
  • Decoder's Sputnik address configuration failed to apply

Teradek Firmware Version 7.3.12

New Features

  • Added support for YouTube Stream Now
  • Added support for RTSP Authentication with Panasonic cameras
  • Added B frame support option to decoders, enable this if you encoder supports b-frames. Tested with Canon XF205

Changes and Improvements

  • Additional improvements to decoder performance

Bug Fixes

  • Video streams to Sputnik could fail if Sputnik server restarted
  • Live:Air could not retrieve snapshots from T-RAX encoders
  • Changing the Sputnik/Core max buffer length setting didn't take effect without restarting the encoder
  • Canon HDMI record flags did not trigger recordings
  • Decoder output settings listed 720p59, 1080i59 twice

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • Cube 355
  • 110-240V AC Power Adapter
  • 2 x Wireless Antennas
  • Ethernet Cable
  • USB Stick with TeraCentral Desktop Software
  • SDI Cable
  • Hot Shoe Adapter with Thumbscrew