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Teradek RT Latitude-MB

2-Channel Motor Driver Receiver | RED Camera Control

Product Code: TRT-15-0009

Suggested Retail Price £890+VAT

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  • Identical to the Latitude M, the Latitude MB receiver adds an LP-E6 battery plate.
  • Supports up to 2 motors for Focus and Iris control
  • Wireless reception up to 5000 ft.
  • Controls run/stop, shutter, ISO, and other RED DSMC2 camera parameters
  • Controls Canon EF / Nikon AF lenses using internal motors
  • Automatic/manual calibration with proprietary algorithm for torque control
  • 2.4GHz WiFi for Foolcontrol
  • Red Approved

The Latitude-MB is identical to the Latitude-M, but includes a different backplate that allows you to power the receiver with an LP-E6 battery.

Battery power makes the Latitude-MB great for super lightweight setups that can run motors at a slightly reduced speed and torque.

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