Teradek RT ACI

Assistant Camera Interface No Radios

Product Code: TRT-10-1322

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The ACI module simplifies camera control and management by combining a smartly-designed software UI with physical controls. The hardware attaches seamlessly to the side of RED DSMC2 cameras and can operate with any DSMC2 I/O module with a CRTL (RS232) port.

  • Base ACI module
  • Menu and jog wheel controls
  • Attaches seamlessly to assistant side of RED DSMC2 cameras
  • For ACs and operators who only need on-camera functionality


  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Full RCP Control
  • On-Camera Mounting
Teradek MDR.ACI

Assistant Camera Interface RT radio & BLE Motor (Lemos are included)

Teradek ACI Control + 2pin Power Cable
ACI Control + 2pin Power Cable

Y-cable to power and operate ACI modules

Teradek ACI Control + PTap Power Cable
ACI Control + PTap Power Cable

Y-cable to power and operate ACI modules

A guide to rigging RED cameras

RED Digital Cinema’s DSMC2 architecture has been one of the company’s most enduring camera systems. The design offers superb modularity, with the entire camera system built around a ‘Brain’, RED’s terminology for the camera module, housing the sensor, ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) for image processing, Mini-Mag slots for media, and I/O connectors for accessories. This approach offers a real advantage when building your shooting kit, as the same Brain can be configured for lightweight handheld or tracking applications, or fully rigged as a studio camera.


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