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82mm Super Dark Variable ND Filter


82mm Super Dark Variable ND Filter

82mm Super Dark Variable Neutral Density Filter

Product Code: SYRP-0002-0010

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  • 82mm Super Dark Variable Neutral Density Filter
  • With 5-10 stops the filter allows you to slow your shutter speed down or open your aperture up in even the brightest conditions
  • Made from high-quality Japanese glass
  • 72mm & 77mm Step-up rings included to fit additionally lens sizes
  • Comes with protective leather case


  • Dimensions: Filter: 9mm Thick | Filter Step Up Rings: 3mm Thick

5-10 Stops of exposure reduction

The Super Dark Variable ND Filter provices exposure reduction of 5-10 stops or ND32-ND1024 using a smooth, adjustable front ring. The filter also has a front thread adapter so you can easily stack filters if needed and it will also fit your regular lens cap.

Step-up rings included

Both the small and large filter kit comes with step-up rings to fit multiple different lens sizes meaning you can use the filter on a variety of lenses.
The Large Filter kit comes with a 72-82mm & 77-82mm Step-up rings.
The Small Filter kit comes with a 52-67mm & 58-67mm Set-up rings.

Essential Time-lapse Tool

Shooting time-lapse with fast shutter speeds results in a lack of motion blur which causes the moving elements in your compiled video to flicker and stutter between frames, which can be distracting for the viewer.
By simply adding the Super Dark ND Filter you can create a longer exposure time, blurring moving objects which helps to blend movement between frames. This adds a more natural look and feel to your time-lapses where people have a fluid movement and flickering water becomes silky smooth.

Long Exposure Photography

Shoot long exposures to capture the effect of time passing, giving your images and expressive and often surreal look. Shoot at shutter speeds of at least 15 seconds or more in the middle of the day.

Genuine Leather Case included

Each filter kit comes complete with a Syrp Genuine leather case to keep it protected from dust or scratches. Also included is a Syrp lens cloth so you can always be shooting dust-free.

Syrp Appoints UK and Ireland Distributor

Syrp (http://www.syrp.co), a world leader in fluid support and motion control products for film, video and photographic production, has announced a new distribution partnership in the UK and Ireland. Holdan will now work exclusively with Syrp to offer pre-sales advice, marketing and product sales via its extensive network of professional resellers. The Syrp range includes a number of motion control products, smooth slider systems, cable cams, and pan tilt heads. Syrp will sit alongside Holdan’s growing distribution portfolio of professional camera technology that includes Wooden Camera, Teradek, Movcam, Manfrotto, Panasonic, Blackmagic and SmallHD.

  • 1 x 82mm Variable ND filter
  • 1 x Genuine leather case
  • 1 x adapter for 77mm lenses
  • 1 x adapter for 72mm lenses
  • 1 x Syrp lens cloth


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