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82mm Large Variable ND Filter


82mm Large Variable ND Filter

82mm Variable Neutral Density Filter

Product Code: SYRP-0002-0008

Suggested Retail Price £150+VAT

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  • 82mm Variable Neutral Density Filter
  • With 1-8 stops of light create dreamy bokeh effect in your films or shoot glassy smooth lakes and waterfalls for photography and time-lapse
  • Smooth sliding action of front ring for seamless exposure transitions
  • Special glass coating to help prevent flare, as well as scratches and oily fingerprints
  • Allows the use of longer shutter speeds, higher ISO or wider apertures than normal to allow for more creative shots.
  • Neutral colour temperature that will not affect the colours in your image
  • 72mm & 77mm Step-up rings included to fit additionally lens sizes
  • Comes with protective leather case


  • Dimensions: Filter: 9mm Thick | Filter Step Up Rings: 3mm Thick

The Syrp ND Filter kit is a must have for every film-maker / photographer and allows you to achieve creative shots that are otherwise impossible in camera. The ND filter allows you to limit the amount of light entering the lens by 1-8.5 stops and enabling you to shoot in bright, sunny conditions with low aputures and slow shutter speeds.

For film-making you can achieve that sort after look with shallow focus allowing your subject to be sharp while the rest of your scene is blurred out. For photography and time-lapse you can achieve enhanced motion blur in bright conditions and obtain smoothed waterfall shots, glassy lake or sea shots and whispy cloud shots.

Syrp ND filter kits come in either Small (67mm) or large (82mm) and includes 2 step-up rings so that all your lenses are covered. All this inside a premium Genuine leather case with lens cloth.

Syrp Appoints UK and Ireland Distributor

Syrp (http://www.syrp.co), a world leader in fluid support and motion control products for film, video and photographic production, has announced a new distribution partnership in the UK and Ireland. Holdan will now work exclusively with Syrp to offer pre-sales advice, marketing and product sales via its extensive network of professional resellers. The Syrp range includes a number of motion control products, smooth slider systems, cable cams, and pan tilt heads. Syrp will sit alongside Holdan’s growing distribution portfolio of professional camera technology that includes Wooden Camera, Teradek, Movcam, Manfrotto, Panasonic, Blackmagic and SmallHD.

  • 1 x 82mm Variable ND filter
  • 1 x Genuine leather case
  • 1 x adapter for 77mm lenses
  • 1 x adapter for 72mm lenses
  • 1 x Syrp lens cloth
Syrp Variable ND Filter
Syrp Variable ND Filter


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