Sonnet Performer Blu-Ray Disc Player - Windows

Performer Blu-Ray Disc Player with Player Software for Windows

Suggested List Price: £TBA+VAT

Product Code: SON-BRPWUSB2

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Sonnet Performer Blu-Ray Disc Player - Mac

Performer Blu-Ray Disc Player with Player Software for MAC OS X

Product Code: SON-BRPMUSB2

Suggested List price: £TBA+VAT

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  • Adds an Optical Drive to Your Mac or PC - Connects a Blu-ray disc player (BD-ROM/8x DVD±RW drive
  • Versatile Disc Support - Plays movies and CDs, reads and burns CD and DVD discs
  • Adds Blu-ray Movie Play Support - Blu-ray player software is included
  • USB Port Powered - Powered by your computer’s USB port; no need to connect a separate power supply
  • Supports Booting OS X® from DVD

PC Compatibility

  • Any PC with a USB port
  • Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista™

Because Optical Discs Still Matter

If you've purchased a new Windows® PC, you may have noticed something's missing

- there's no optical drive. If you're like countless other people, you still have CDs and DVDs (not to mention a Blu-ray Disc™ or two), and a computer with no way to use them. Sonnet makes it simple to restore what's absent—just connect a Performer™ Blu-ray Player to load software, import CDs, burn CDs and DVD-ROMs, and play DVDs and even Blu-ray movies. You can even boot your Mac from an OS X DVD.

Performer is a BD-ROM/8x DVD±RW drive that connects to and is powered by your computer's USB port. There's no need to connect a separate AC power supply. This Sonnet optical drive is compact—it's about the size of two stacked CD cases—and takes up so little space, you can use it just about anywhere.

Blu-ray Movie Playback Software Included

If you're a lover of movies, recent television shows, and documentaries, viewing them on Blu-ray disc offers an immersive experience, with pristine image quality and engrossing extras. Because support for Blu-ray disc playback is not native to Windows®, you'll find the included Blu-ray player software very handy, enabling you to watch Blu-ray movies on your computer or attached monitor.

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • Performer Blu-ray Player
  • 18-inch USB A-to-USB B cable
  • 24-inch USB A-to-power cable