Allegro FW800

External 3-port FireWire 800 PCI card

Product Code: SON-FW800A

Product Discontinued

  • Simple way to add two high-speed FireWire 800 ports and one FireWire 400 port to any compatible computer
  • Provides fast interface to download videos from your digital camcorder, transfer files to external drives, and more
  • Easy installation—plug and play
  • Supports FireWire 400 (a.k.a. i.LINK®, 1394a) devices
  • Supports hot-swappable device connection - plug in and disconnect peripherals without shutting off your computer

Mac Compatibility

  • Power Mac® G5 (with PCI or PCI-X slots)
  • Power Mac G4 (with PCI slots)
  • Power Mac G3 (Blue & White)
  • OS X® 10.3-10.5
  • Mac® OS 9 (at FireWire 400 speed)

Windows Compatibility

  • PC desktop (with PCI or PCI-X slots)
  • Windows® 8, 7, Vista®, XP (SP2)

High-Speed, High-Bandwidth Ports for Fast Data Transfers

Do you work with files stored on external hard drives? You may not be getting the maximum performance from them. Many drive enclosures feature a FireWire 800 (1394b) interface, which provides up to twice the data transfer speeds and bandwidth of FireWire 400 (1394a), both critical attributes when working with multimedia applications. Don’t settle for a slower connection and less than maximum performance; get a Sonnet Allegro™ FW800 FireWire 800 adapter card to take advantage of the extra speed FireWire 800 offers.

Add 3 FireWire Ports Instantly!

Allegro FW800’s two external FireWire 800 ports guarantee you'll have the right connections for your fastest FireWire peripherals, and the speed and bandwidth required by video and pro audio applications. This card’s external FireWire 400 port makes it simple to connect older FireWire peripherals, no adapter necessary. Allegro FW800 is also supports bus-powered peripherals (devices that can work without a separate power supply, including some scanners and small external drives), so some devices can be plugged in and operate without an extra connection to a power supply. Offering plug and play simplicity(1), this card installs easily in any PCI or PCI-X slot, features hot-pluggable and hot-swappable device connection support with automatic device configuration, and works with all industry standard FireWire 800 and FireWire 400 peripherals.

  • Allegro FW800 PCI Computer Card
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