SmallHD 1703 Studio

17 inch Full HD Studio Monitor

Suggested List Price: £2,625+VAT

Product Code: SHD-MON1703L

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Stock status: Stock due on 21/12/2017



SmallHD 2403 Studio

24 inch Full HD Studio Monitor

Product Code: SHD-MON2403L

Suggested List price: £3,070+VAT

Optional Extras

SmallHD 1700 Series Flight Case

Custom Flight Case for 1703 Monitors

Product Code: SHD-ACC1700CASE

Suggested List Price: £420+VAT

SmallHD V-Mount Power - Cheese Plate Kit

V-Mount Pro-Battery power solution and Cheese Plate for 1300, 1700 and 2400 Series


Suggested List Price: £254+VAT

SmallHD C-Stand with Table Stand Kit

Cstand Mount and Table Stand Kit


Suggested List Price: £253+VAT

SmallHD Gold Mount Power - Cheese Plate Kit

Gold Mount Pro-Battery power solution and Cheese Plate for 1300,1700 and 2400 Series


Suggested List Price: £227+VAT

SmallHD C-Stand Mount

C-stand mount with VESA compatibility


Suggested List Price: £163+VAT

SmallHD Deluxe 17" Acrylic Screen Protector

17" Acrylic Screen Protector Anti reflective Deluxe Edition

Product Code: SHD-ACCSP-1700ACR-HC

Suggested List Price: £136+VAT

SmallHD 1700 Series Sun Hood

Sun Hood For 17" Monitors

Product Code: SHD-ACCHOOD1700

Suggested List Price: £136+VAT

SmallHD Cheese Plate

Cheese Plate for Mounting Anton Bauer / V-Mount Brackets and other Accessories


Suggested List Price: £109+VAT

SmallHD Rack Mount Kit for 1700 Series Monitors

17" Rack Mounting Kit for 1703 Monitors

Product Code: SHD-ACC1703-RACKMT

Suggested List Price: £81+VAT

SmallHD Basic 17" Acrylic Screen Protector

17" Acrylic Screen Protector Basic Edition

Product Code: SHD-ACCSP-1700ACR

Suggested List Price: £54+VAT

SmallHD RapidRail Mount

Quick Release Hot Shoe Rail Mount for HDR Monitors

Product Code: SHD-ACCMTRRAIL-1420

Suggested List Price: £45+VAT

SmallHD 12-inch Thin HDMI Cable

Thin HDMI Cable - 12 inch


Suggested List Price: £11+VAT

SmallHD Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Product Code: SHD-ACCCLOTH

Suggested List Price: £1+VAT

SmallHD OS3 - Our Biggest Firmware Update Ever!

OS3 has something to offer for every filmmaker. The free downloadable update comes with a host of new features for all current SmallHD on-camera and production monitors (FOCUS, 500 Series, 700 Series, UltraBrights, 1300 Series, 1700 Series, 2400 Series, and 3200 Series)

SmallHD RapidRail Overview

Overview of the RapidRail Shoe Mount System

  • 1920x1080 HD resolution 17-inch Studio Monitor
  • 8-Bit Colour Intelligence Engine
  • Milled Aluminum chassis
  • 400 cd/m² Panel
  • HDMI In/Out
  • Colourflow 3D LUT Processing
  • Loadable 3D LUTs via SD card + Downstream 3D LUTs
  • RapidRail Shoe-Mount System
  • Professional Software Tools: HD Waveform, Scopes, Focus
  • Assist, Peaking, False Colour, Zebra, and more...
  • Brightness: 300 nits

Technology Guides

Firmware Update 1.4 for SmallHD Production Monitors

Features Added

  • RGB Offsets have been added to the appearance menu for custom color adjustment.
  • Added support for RED’s new IPP2 workflow: Input color space list now includes REDWideGamut/LOG3G10 (also removed the deprecated LOG3G12 gamma).


  • Color space options in the menu are renamed for clarity. The name now indicates both the expected gamma and gamut.
  • Adjustable Studio Brightness range has been increased.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing some 17” monitor’s screens to go black during a user upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug with the waveform’s spot meter.

Firmware Update 1.3 for SmallHD Production Monitors

Features Added:

  • De-Interlacer is now supported in all SmallHD production monitors.
  • The 1303HDR now supports Studio Mode, our 100 nit mode for studio environments
  • V-Log and S-Log 3 DeLOG and HDR Preview support now available
  • A “Color Picker” tool has been added to the toolbar. This allows you to display video color values of a selected pixel.


  • Multi-view has been simplified to Dual-View.
  • Repeatedly pressing the input button will now cycle through all available inputs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused Vectorscope to crash.
  • Fixed a bug causing transient data to not display properly when “no correction” is set in the Input menu, even if a log format is not the chosen gamma.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Multi-view/Dual-view to occasionally show valid inputs as a black image.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused some colors to be rendered incorrectly when the input format changes
  • Toggling “ignore look” on a scope while there is no active look on the current page will no longer result in a change to the scope data.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a page to continue displaying Brightness & Contrast adjustments made within the “Focus Assist” & “Peaking” tools, even after these tools were disabled.

Firmware Update 1.0 for SmallHD Production Monitors

Features Added:

  • Enhanced Input Menu:
    • Each input type (HDMI, SDI1, SDI2) can be configured to support different incoming gamma formats.
  • HDR Preview Setting (HDR Models Only)
    • Enable with any SmallHD supported log format (HDR models only)
    • Histogram added to help users judge incoming data & make gamma decisions
    • List of recognized input color spaces:
      • HDR Monitors Only
        • BT 2020/2084/2100: Uses a 2020 gamut and the 2084 PQ EOTF
        • HLG
      • All Production Monitor Models
        • REC 709 (with various gamma options)
        • SLOG
        • SLOG2
        • CLOG
        • LOGC
        • RedLogFilm
    • Improved log correction from the above formats
  • New “Appearance” menu which provides controls for the following
    • The Appearance menu is not affected by the “disable calibration” button on the calibration page
      • Sharpness: Increase or decrease the edge contrast of the image
      • Contrast-Increase or decrease the separation between dark and bright levels of the image
      • Brightness: Adjusts the black levels of the monitor
      • Gamma Shift: Adjust image gamma curve with a new slider.
      • RGB Gain: Used to adjust the red, blue, and green balance in the image.
      • OLED Gamma Match: Changes monitor gamma to resemble an OLED display
      • The Appearance menu is not affected by the “disable calibration” button on the calibration page
  • Added Backlight Settings
    • Studio Brightness: 100 nit studio mode for true Rec.709 representation on all* production monitors
      • Excludes the 1703HDR
    • Standard Range: Factory calibrated range of brightnesses
    • Max Brightness: Uncalibrated maximum brightness
  • USB Support Added
    • USB ports are now activated, and can be used to power accessories – Outputs 5v through each port 1.5amp shared (total)”
    • USB flash drives may be used to load/save LUTs, Profiles, and Image Overlays
  • Crop Tool Added
    • Allows user to crop a region of the image and then blow that up to the full video area.
  • Image Flip Added
    • Flip the on-screen video signal and menu both horizontal and vertically
      • Horizontal
      • Vertical
      • Horizontal + Vertical
      • Menu Flip
      • Auto Flip
  • Multi View Page Enhancement
    • You can now select Dual input view or Quad input view for your multiview page. This is configurable in the monitor’s settings menu.
  • Enhanced Focus Tools
    • Focus Assist and Focus Peaking tools now contain a Contrast & Brightness value which can be modified for each page. This will make your focus assist even easier to read when contrast is turned up and brightness is turned down.
    • Peak Thresh option has been added to Focus Assist tool, this allows you to have increased control in your Focus Assist
  • Image Scale tool name has changed to Image Location

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • 1 x 1703 Studio
  • 1 x Carry Handle (ACC-MT-HANDLE)
  • 1 x HDMI Cable (CBL-SGL-HDMI-HDMI-72)
  • 1 x Mains Power Cord