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Achromatic Diopter Set

SLR Magic

Achromatic Diopter Set

77mm Achromatic Diopters 1.33 & 0.33

Product Code: SLR-AD1333

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  • 77mm Achromatic Diopters 1.33 & 0.33
  • Close Focus Adapter
  • 77mm Filter Ring Threading
  • Anti-Reflective Multi-Coating
  • Supports SLR Magic Anamorphot Adapters


  • Magnification: +0.33 / +1.3
  • Thread diamater: 77mm
  • Dimensions: 77mm

The Achromatic Diopter Set comprises of +0.33 and +1.3 diopters, both with 77mm diameter thread.

Advanced achromatic diopters are designed to provide greater close-up and magnification capability. Particularily suited to zoom video lenses, maintaining zoom capabilities without compromising image quality.

An Achromatic Diopter is essential whenever it is necessary to focus tightly on a small subject with a long lens - in tabletop, miniature and flat field photography.

Reduced working distance offers a range of shooting possibilities. Exceptional, crisp cinematography of small objects like jewellery is now possible.

SLR Magic Anamorphot Adapter Achromatic Diopter Kit
Anamorphot Adapter Achromatic Diopter Kit

A50133X Anamorphic Adapter and Achromatic Diopters 1.3 & 0.33

Holdan signs distribution agreement with lens specialist SLR Magic

Holdan signs exclusive distribution agreement with SLR Magic to represent its complete line of products across Europe. 

  • +0.33 Diopter
  • +1.3 Diopter
  • Case


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