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SLIK SPRINT MINI III BH GM | Mini travel tripod with ball head



Mini travel tripod with ball head

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  • Mini travel tripod with ball head
  • R.F.M. for Sprint III series
    The series introduced well accepted SLIK original R.F.M. (Rapid Flip Mechanism) allows easy leg opening adjustment
  • Lever-type leg lock system for Sprint
    Easy & fast for leg opening & closing
  • Rubber grip of the 3-D molding
    Easy to hold and no penetration of water even in rainy weather, etc.

Slik's Sprint Pro III Series tripods are designed to be solid and durable, but also lightweight and compact, which makes them ideal travel tripods.

Made from high quality aluminium, they are extremely versatile and offer features such as multi-angle legs, which use Slik's Rapid Flip Mechanism (RFM). This is operated by flipping down an integrated blue lever and allows free adjustment of each leg individually to suit the terrain.

This Sprint Mini III tripod is smaller than the Sprint Pro III model. It is supplied complete with the SBH-100DQ Ball+Socket head which incorporates a quick release platform. The legs are 4-section and the sliding centre column is splittable for low-level work, it also has friction adjustment.

  • Sprint Mini III GM with Ball+Socket head and case
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