Rotolight Illuminator Bracket Bundle | Ultimate light modifier and bracket


Illuminator Bracket Bundle

Ultimate light modifier and bracket


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  • Ultimate light modifier/li>
  • Creates a soft, flattering light that wraps beautifully around your subject to create simply stunning portraits
  • At 51 inches with an umbrella style frame, its circular shape produces a beautiful large round catchlight in the eye
  • Built using select materials to ensure minimal light loss
  • Highly reflective to maximise output and works with any Rotolight product, speedlight, LED light or strobe when combined with the optional Rotolight umbrella bracket (not included)
  • Simple to set up and with a lightweight flexible framework, the Illuminator will help you produce effortless, high quality portraits whether on location or in studio
  • Includes RL-UMBR-BRKT
    • Allows you mount a light and umbrella on stands up to 5/8″ diameter and tighten to secure
    • Constructed from robust black anodised aluminium
    • The bottom of the bracket includes two removable and reversable threads: a female 1/4” and 3/8” to accommodate smaller light stands, and male 1/4” and 3/8” to enable the mounting of any Rotolight LED or third-party flash
    • The studs are secured to the bracket with a sliding T-handle and the bracket fixed to a stand with a large knob
    • The ratchet handle allows you to tilt the angle of the bracket to position the light output exactly where you need it, with an umbrella receptacle of 11mm in diameter
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