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Studio Camera Remote Operating Panel

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  • Compact, lightweight, joystick-type remote operation panel (ROP)
  • Remote operation panel for controlling a studio camera (AK-HC3800) and a camera controller unit like the AK-HCU200
  • A simple button layout and an IRIS control lever ensure intuitive and stable operation
  • Scene files, user files and lens files can be stored on memory cards


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New Features

  1. REC control function over POVCAM (AG-UMR20/MDR25) is added.
  2. Pressing “VF POWER” + “Store” simultaneously causes REC START to work.
  3. Pressing “VF POWER” + “SCENE4” simultaneously causes REC STOP to work.
  4. During REC, “TALLY/CALL” LED is lit.

For details, please refer to the latest Operating Instructions.


  1. Controlling the following new products is made possible.
    • POVCAM(AG-UCK20 /UMR20, AG-MDC20 /MDR25)
    • AW-HR140
  2. Controlling AK-UB300 Multi Purpose Camera through the pan-tilt head is made possible. AK-PH400,PH405 (Originally, the control of AK-UB300 camera was only allowed by the direct connection with it.)

Version 5.11-00-0.00

  • The connection with AK-UB300 Camera is supported.
    AK-UB300 Camera needs to be updated to its latest firmware version (Ver. 7.14 or higher).

Version 5.10-00-0.00

  • [New] AW-UE70 camera support.

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • 1 x AK-HRP200
  • 1 x CD-ROM (Operating Instructions)

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