Movcam MRS-1

Receiver Box Module for Wireless Lens Control Systems

Suggested List Price: £705+VAT

Product Code: MOV-501-101-02

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Optional Extras

Movcam Control Cable for F5 | F55

Control Cable for MRS-1 / SCU-1 to Sony F5 / F55

Product Code: MOV-501-101-02-01

Suggested List Price: £69+VAT

  • Single Axis Receiver
  • On-board .48" OLED screen, visible in sunlight
  • Receives signals from SCU-1 Handset or MCS Handset to control lenses
  • Indoor transmission distance: 98.4' / Outdoor: 656.2'
  • Mounts on 15mm Support Rod
  • Quick release mechanism to mount and dismount the receiver quickly

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