MM-102 Clamp-on Mattebox Kit

Product Code: MOV-301-0206

Product Discontinued

Technology Guides

  • Clamp-on design, attaches directly to the lens with 144mm adapter
  • Carbon Fiber Housing
  • French Flag and Adjustable Side Wings for light control
  • 1 Rotating 4x5.65" Filter Holder
  • 1 Fixed 4x5.65" Filter Holder
  • 144mm Diameter Rear Clamp
  • Bracket for 15mm Rods
  • CF Sunshade (301-0201-01)
  • 2-filter stage (301-0206-02)
  • 15mm Rod Clamp (301-0206-03)
  • 4x5.65" Filter frame (301-0201-03)
  • Adapter Rings for Clamp adapter 144mm (301-02-004.002 (85mm))
  • Top Flag (301-0201-06)
  • L-Side Flag (301-0201-07)
  • R-Side Flag (301-0201-08)


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