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FS7 19mm Cine Kit


FS7 19mm Cine Kit

Custom Rig for the Sony FS7

Product Code: MOV-303-2740

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The FS7 19mm Cine Kit is a custom cinema camera rig for the Sony FS7 camera, complete with a dual-sided follow focus and 3-stage 5.65 x 5.65" matte box.

  • Custom Rig for the Sony FS7
  • 3-Stage 5.65x5.65" Matte Box
  • Dual-Sided Studio Follow Focus
  • V-Lock Baseplate with Shoulder Pad
  • 19mm Bride Plate & 24" Dovetail Plate
  • Side Bracket & Top Handle
  • Top 15mm Clamp for Camera's EVF/Monitor
  • V-Mount Battery Distribution Box
  • 1/4"-20 Threads & ARRI Rosettes
  • Lens Support & Rosette Space

The FS7 19mm Cine Kit is a custom cinema camera rig for the Sony FS7 camera, complete with a dual-sided follow focus and 3-stage 5.65 x 5.65" matte box.

It features a riser plate tailored to fit the bottom of the camera that docks into V-lock interface for quick-release attachment to VCT tripod plates, the baseplate adds front and rear 15mm rod clamps, a pair of ARRI standard rosettes, and an integrated shoulder pad. It can also be mounted onto an included 19mm rod bridge plate, which in turn can be mounted onto a 24" sliding dovetail plate.

Also included in the kit is a form-fitting side bracket that adds 1/4"-20 threaded accessory mounting holes on the top and right side of the camera, and a rosette spacer. For the top of the camera, a 15mm rod mount is providing along with an adapter with a parallel rod port for attaching and re-positioning the camera's EVF monitor. A top plate screws into the top of the camera and provides a NATO rail for attaching an included long top handle, which adds additional 1/4"-20 threaded holes. Attaching to the rear of the camera is a V-lock battery plate and power distributor fits into the same slot as used by Sony's own V-mount battery pack. The pack provides a mean to power your camera using a V-mount battery and provides several power outputs in varying voltages for powering optional accessories. Two 8"-long 15mm rods are included for use with the top rod clamps, while a pair of 18" long 19mm rods are provided for the bridge plate. The 19mm rods support an included lens support, dual-sided studio follow focus with 0.8 pitch gear drive , and 3-stage swing-away matte box that features one fixed 5.6 x 5.65" filter tray and two rotating 5 .65 x 5.65" filter trays.

Additional kit components include a 19mm rod support for the bridge plate and a lens carry handle for an ARRI Alura 45-250mm lens.


  • PXW-FS7
  • MM-5 Mattebox (MOV-301-0205)
  • MCF-1 Follow Focus (MOV-302-0205)
  • Lens Carry Handle for Arri Alura 45-250mm Lens (MOV-301-02-007)
  • 8" 15mm Rods x2 (MOV-206-0003-5)
  • 18" 19mm Rods x2 (MOV-206-0006-3)
  • 24" Sliding Dovetail Plate (MOV-303-1112)
  • 19mm Sliding Bridge Plate (MOV-303-1111)
  • 19mm Lens Support (MOV-301-02-006)
  • Riser Plate for FS7 (MOV-303-2701)
  • Multi-BP (MOV-303-2702)
  • Side Bracket (MOV-303-2703)
  • Top Clamp (MOV-303-2704)
  • Distribution Box (MOV-303-2706)
  • Top Plate (MOV-303-2707)
  • Top Handle Kit (MOV-303-1901)
  • H Rosette Spacer (MOV-303-1218)


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